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  1. Croozey

    Culture Corner

    As summer fades and autumn takes over, our thoughts turn, of course, to Vivaldi’s Four Seasons, in which each season gets its own violin concerto. Sit back close your eyes, and let the music wash over you. Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you Autumn.
  2. Croozey

    EFL League 1 play off dates and times

    I hope you don't think I'm counting any chickens here, but thought it would be useful information as to the dates and times for the play off semi finals and final. In case you are making any plans in May. League One Semi-finals Tuesday, May 18 - League One A 1st leg (6pm) Wednesday, May 19 -...
  3. Croozey

    League 1 Predictor

    In order to put minds at rest about Lincoln getting relegated this season, I've just spent a bit of time filling in this League 1 Predictor, that will calculate the league table for you. I was particularly hard on Lincoln and have given them quite a few defeats. I have got us picking up just...
  4. Croozey

    Huddersfield sack Siewert
  5. Croozey

    On this day 4 years ago

    A look back to the first game of the season in the 2015/16 season. Lincoln City verses Cheltenham Town in the National league. Chris Moyses the manager. This was the season before Danny Cowley became the manager. I was an early bird, I'd get there with my dad about 20 minutes before kick off as...
  6. Croozey

    We are now in League 1

    News Now website has today updated the divisions for the new season. We are now in League 1.
  7. Croozey

    Berwick Rangers

    Berwick Rangers finished bottom of the Scottish 2nd division this season, then lost a play-off 7-0 on aggregate, thus dropping out of the Scottish Football League. Where do they go now, English or Scottish non league football?
  8. Croozey

    Lincoln City team group photo with trophy.

  9. Croozey

    Gillingham job

    Just on our local news that Fatty Evans is favourite for the vacancy.
  10. Croozey

    Danny's stock is rising

    Tweet from West Ham fan The Moose(Talksport), in a discussion over ins-and outs at West Ham this summer. He named 10 players they should let go. When some fans replied -"what about the manager?" He replied Ian Abrahams (Moose)Verified account @BroadcastMoose[/USER] Always wanted Brendan but...
  11. Croozey

    Colchester -last game

    Just checked and Eventbrite showing all area's are sold out. Have the tickets already been on sale individually yet? Last I read, you could buy a triple-pack for the last 3 games. My brother just rang the club and was told all sold out, apart from £50 corporate tickets, with food and drinks...
  12. Croozey

    Can 6 English teams qualify for the Champions League?

    Can 6 English teams qualify for the Champions League? Situation would have to be: Man Utd falter in the Premier League and finish 5th Arsenal or Chelsea finish above them. So say it was Arsenal. So Top 4 teams in the Premier League are Liverpool, Man City, Spurs and Arsenal They qualify Then...
  13. Croozey

    On this day in 2022

    Anybody know what's happening on this day in 4 years time?
  14. Croozey

    Mourinho Sacked

    I've heard they are talking about Danny Cowley.....:idea:
  15. Croozey

    Port Vale £400k to spend in January Well, well, well. Have we got anyone we want to off-load?
  16. Croozey

    Football League Ladder Quiz

    My mate at work and I have been looking for something to go on the wall next to our desks to replace our World Cup Chart. We got talking about the old League Ladders in the Football magazine Shoot! in the the 70's and 80's. We had a look on line to see if there was anything out there we could...
  17. Croozey

    I-Follow live TV Streaming

    Has anyone heard anymore details regarding the live streaming of Lincoln's matches this season, by I-Follow? With the current demand for tickets both home and away, it would help supporters to see the games if they cannot get a ticket. I would have thought it would be an additional source of...
  18. Croozey

    The Trialists

    So apart from the ex- Grantham Town striker Lee Shaw, do we know or recognised anybody down there today?
  19. Croozey

    Ultimate World Cup Panel

    It can be contemporary or if you want you can go 'all time'. So you want 1 presenter plus 4 on your panel. I'm going contemporary, or at least alive- Gary Lineker to host- although i don't like the way he keeps leaning forwards. Alan Hansen. Was always on the screen, but now you never see him...
  20. Croozey

    Cambridge Football Statue

    Unfortunately I am going to be unable to get to the game today, due to a prior engagement with a family get-together on Mrs Croozey's side of the family. I'll be over in Cambridge where i've already sussed out a pub that will be showing the game. Pub called the Grain Store. This pub is next to...