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    Donny - Derby? Rival?

    What are people’s views on Donny? Is it a derby? Are they a rival? Given geography would argue it is a derby, but never felt like one in my time. My dad talks about how it use to be quite heated.
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    End of Season Awards

    Will we have any do we think? Morrell player of the season by a mile for me. Bostwick then comfortably second. Then probably Toffolo or Walker despite both leaving in January!
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    Misdirected Request

    Sorry, not an Imps post. Anyone else get one of these when trying to come on here sometimes? I don’t get it with any other websites. Sorry if this has already been discussed elsewhere!
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    Grant Brown

    HOOF set to join Hall of Fame: Certainly well deserved. Must ask though... Who else is currently in our Hall of Fame!?
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    Deserves his own thread I think. Seen a few people suggest he’s been signed as decent back up. Can’t help but think he will be number 1 myself if he’s fully recovered from his injury. Very good pedigree and was rated by Scunthorpe last season - kept 17 clean sheets.
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    I've not got involved in much of the crowd size bragging some of our fans appear to have been doing recently. Feels a bit hypocritical bragging we have better crowds than Grimsby when they had better attendances than us for most our time in the non league. But blimey, just watching goal rush...
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    Wycombe Goals
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    Facebook Live

    Club have announced a FB Live coming up on Twitter. New player interviews? Or something else exciting? Raggett contract be nice!
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    Cowley Interview

    On BBC Lincs FB page. Expecting to have 14 players on the books when training starts Monday. Wants 22 when the season starts. Battling to keep Raggs and Woodyard.
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    Cowley Interview First bit appears to apply that we are close to 2-3 signings.
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    Billericay After one of our players? I'd guess Marriot, scored a lot around that level.
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    First Signing

    No we haven't made one, sorry! Just for fun to kill time and build up clicks... when do people think the first signing will be? I am going for this Thursday the 8th June. Can't see us leaving all the signings beyond this week and we seem to do a lot of announcements on a Thursday! That's...
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    League 2 News

    Just an idea, thought we could have a thread to discuss non-Lincoln related league 2 news? Help us get to grips with player names etc after not being around for a while!
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    Any news on his contract? Would love us to get him signed up!
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    Surely some of this cup money needs to be spent on getting Theo tied to a proper deal? I know he might be holding out for a league side, but he must now be enjoying it here. Tactically he has added so much. I think before this run teams started to push high so Rhead couldn't get in the box and...
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    Cowley's Ones to Watch

    Sorry if this has already been posted could not see it anywhere: Interesting article with DC. Highlights Dan Bradley who we have been linked with as a good player...
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    Feel Good Factor

    Is back says Bob: Nice mention of Helgy, good to see the club are grateful. Also good to hear of the increased budget and that the...
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    Seems to have caused the Cowleys a problem, all be it a good one. Should we persist with signing a midfielder or keep Wood in there and perhaps sign a right back? Surely a prerequisite of any midfielder is they can match Wood for energy and running? At this team in the season it might be...