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    RIP Glensider

    Very sad to hear of Kevins passing. Always enjoyed his match reports especially on the away days.
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    RIP Erod -

    Dealing with my own personal tragedy for the last few months so not been posting but have dropped in to read a few posts. But just had to pass my respects for Erode like many only spoke to Rob on vital but my condolences to Wicked & Dumble I am sure he would have been proud to see us get to...
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    Europe In Out Shake it all about

    I voted for Brexit but rather than any deal these horrendous shits have put together or the imbeciles who want no deal. I would rather stay in.Just do me one favour do not ask me to vote Tory ,Labour or LIb Dems at the next election. None of them act in the national interest. Politics is...
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    What to you do with people who wont work ? You close the House of Commons down and send them all home.
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    Europe In Out Shake it all about

    Quite frankly BB trying to sort this dogs dinner out is going to be beyond any of the politicians we currently have to choose from. My own opinion is its a straight choice for me between all the things that worried me about the E.U. in the first place E.G. ever closer union, European army the...
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    Europe In Out Shake it all about

    As said previously I voted leave (Having studied where the E.U. appeared to be heading at the time) Yes I naively expected ALL our political parties to pull together for the good of the country fat chance i know,should have known better. As for the bullshit Farage,Osborne Boris etc one side were...
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    Tommy Elphick Thread

    Could start with the CB position Chester alongside Mings would help never rated Elphick anyway. Think you need to be one of the better players before you start knocking your team mates.
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    Prediction League - Game threads merged

    merlin128777 Brentford 1 - 1 Aston Villa
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    Prediction League - Game threads merged

    merlin128777 Aston Villa 1 - 1 Sheffield Utd.
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    Europe In Out Shake it all about

    Are you serious JF ? you really think the Boris Johnson & Diane Abbot are capable of understanding electronic voting ? And what about the ones like Reckless who are p*ssed half the time ?
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    Europe In Out Shake it all about

    As already stated I voted for brexit but feel no animosity towards anyone no matter how they voted I see some comments of abuse be they in word or cartoon form and wonder at the intellect of those who post them. My biggest disappointment that the politicians could not work together for the good...
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    Prediction League - Game threads merged

    merlin128777 Aston Villa 2 - 0 Ipswich Town
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    Prediction League - Game threads merged

    merlin128777 Aston Villa 1 - 1 Hull City
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    Politics Thread

    Bring back chain gangs jobs the farmers are worrying about getting enough people for fruit picking etc. Accompanied by a few well armed guards the less serious crimes mob fraud etc might as well have em working.Better still helping build a new hospital .
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    Time for a new manager?

    If I can give Bruce 2 years I sure as well can wait a season on Smithy to produce.
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    Wigan Athletic Vs Aston Villa Sat 12th Jan 3pm

    No where near the bottom of where Villa have been in the last few years you will get bigger kicks in the bollocks if you hang around long enough Smithy thats football learn from it move on those who arent putting in the effort you have one signing to answer for so far the new keeper.
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    Prediction League - Game threads merged

    merlin128777 Wigan 1 - 1 Aston Villa
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    The Betting Thread

    sorry gator was out yesterday so missed it gather it didnt win though.
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    Politics Thread

    Just despair of our politicians in general.Could not vote Labour as I used to because can see them bankrupting the country giving away the Falklands and Gibraltar without a whimper. The Tories look at em what a mess Teresa May really is the best they have got. Liberals have gone back to planet...
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    Prediction League. Rules and chat.

    scuse me Juan my score 1-1 not showing ?