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  1. RotherhitheGill

    Replica shirts have arrived

    Can order on line from Monday :thumbup:
  2. RotherhitheGill

    Charlton Home

    Don’t know if I missed it earlier, but have just seen that Charlton at home has been re-scheduled for Tuesday 21st September.
  3. RotherhitheGill

    Shrewsbury Today

    Hope this does not sound like sour grapes due to last week’s defeat, but I see 4 Shrewsbury players were booked today all for Bad Fouls. Are Shrewsbury already looking like they intend to kick their way to staying up?
  4. RotherhitheGill

    Season Ticket Holders – Free Tickets

    If I remember correctly, season ticket holders are entitled to 5 free tickets, Can anyone remember: Are they restricted to any category of game How do you claim them I would phone the ground, but guess it’s closed by now.
  5. RotherhitheGill

    Battling Bin Men

    Nice to see the battling bin men of Chatham in the Metro today. Great to see that the traditions of the Medway towns are being upheld :banana:
  6. RotherhitheGill

    Chapman confirmed

    Official board confirms signing.
  7. RotherhitheGill

    False No:

    As I don’t watch Premier League football on TV (or for real) so I might not be up to date with football terminology, but when did the phrase “False” No 9 or No 10 come into usage. It’s getting on my tits already with it being referred to in nearly every other game?
  8. RotherhitheGill

    Lenny Piper

    Don’t know if this has been reported before, but I understand that Lenny Piper is ill. Hope I am wrong.
  9. RotherhitheGill

    Congratulation (no not Blackpool)

    Have noticed that even on this diverse board, no one seems to be congratulating Carrie and Johnson on their marriage. My view is (from what I have seen) they probably deserve each other.
  10. RotherhitheGill

    7 Minutes

    Ring any bells?
  11. RotherhitheGill

    Kent Cricket

    Don't really understand the nitracrines of cricket, but it looks like we are being turned over so far this season - what's going wrong?
  12. RotherhitheGill


    Perceptions, until earlier today I thought Sunderland where going to win the league. With one result (and what the other teams did) I think they might have blown it and are now looking for the play offs (hope they lose, big time Charly's who where on their tin pot tour of the lower divisions ).
  13. RotherhitheGill

    20 Most Gorgeous Redheads in Hollywood Ad

    An add for the above keeps popping up on my Gills Vital, is it Phil66's other half.;) Anyone else getting this advert?
  14. RotherhitheGill

    Vaccine Passports (n/g at the moment)

    Anyone have any idea what’s going on? Pubs and restaurants with outdoor facilities will be opening on the 12th April (yes just over a week away:wahey:) and its now being rumored that some sort of passport might be needed. There’s talk about apps on smart phones, providing copies of vaccine...
  15. RotherhitheGill

    Wales Tonight

    Watching Wales on the computer (S4C) cracking goal for them.
  16. RotherhitheGill

    Tonight's Matches

    One going our way : Oxford 1 down the other not Blackpool winning 3-1 Peterborough
  17. RotherhitheGill

    Peter Lorimer - Dead

    RIP - One of the great's.:( Unfortunately I cannot find the original post about his death.
  18. RotherhitheGill

    Flag in the Corner

    Why is it that now nearly every news broadcast shown from a senior Tories home or office, there is a flag of the Union in the room (I guess will be shortly followed by the Labour party)? There was a time when we used to laugh at the American’s for their belief in the flag, flown from every...
  19. RotherhitheGill

    Sunderland Board

    Love to see their various boards tonight, bet they are all in meltdown :rofl:
  20. RotherhitheGill

    Newcastle after Willock

    Oooops, wrong Willock :clown: