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  1. muttley

    COVID Passports

    Was chatting to my 21 year old nephew at the weekend. He convinced me that the government had tricked the younger generation into getting vaccines by saying they couldn't come into nightclubs without a Covid Passport. It would come into force at the end of September. According to him, they never...
  2. muttley

    The Tottenham Five Point Plan for this Season

    Interesting read from the Four-Four-Two team in the August Edition. Full article here - Gonna focus on their 5 points number 4. 1 Stop losing leads...
  3. muttley

    Weekly THFC Football Operation Meeting Minutes

    Good news everyone. I've been invited to take a new admin role at the weekly football operations meeting between Levy, Fabio, Nuno etc that takes place on Fridays at 10am. That will include important topics like org changes, 1st team matches, transfers etc. Vital Spurs has exclusive rights to...
  4. muttley

    2021/22 Premiership Fixture list

    Right, is everyone ready for the fixture list at 9am this morning? I'm hoping for an easy start, all the tough fixtures dispersed evenly throughout the mid season and and easy finish. Bring it on !!!
  5. muttley

    Alternative Sports Thread

    I know some of you enjoy other sports. Like we do with "Other Games", thought I'd throw up a generic thread to capture everything else that resembles sport. Remember, it's only a sport of you have to change your shoes and gardening doesn't count !!! I know there are some cricket fans on here...
  6. muttley

    Spurs representing England RIP

    So Southgate has just announced his provisional "33 man squad" for the Euro's. Another true indicator of how far Spurs have fallen as a club in my opinion. We now have 1 player in the best 33.....soon to be a City player no doubt. We now live in a world where the 3rd best German club pick up...
  7. muttley

    Seconds Away, Round 2

    Premier League TV rights: Talks held over scrapping next auction The Premier League has held talks with broadcasters about scrapping its next domestic media rights auction. The government is now considering whether to approve a rollover of the current £4.7bn deal. Secured in 2018, that sale...
  8. muttley

    Pogba weighs in on Jose debate

    Today's article on BBC Sport - Paul Pogba: Man Utd midfielder critical of Jose Mourinho management style Manchester United midfielder Paul Pogba says current boss Ole Gunnar Solskjaer "wouldn't go against the players" like former manager Jose...
  9. muttley

    Current Loan Update

    Was reading an article on our loanees this morning. Here's what is happening Austin GK - waiting for MLS to start with Orlando Gazza GK - not playing at Elche CCV CD - regular for Bournemouth Okedina CD - 13 appearances at Cambridge Fagan-Walcott CD - injured, loan cut short Eyoma RB CD - bench...
  10. muttley

    One Question for Jose

    So hypothetically, if you got to replace the journo's for one week in the Jose press conferences, what would be the one question you would ask?
  11. muttley

    How good is our squad?

    There have been some great conversations this season about the quality, or not, of our squad. One common opinion is that the squad is good but the current manager doesn't have the skills to optimise its performance on the pitch. That goes along with thoughts of him not playing a system that...
  12. muttley

    Tanguy, An Inside Track

    A long read, but a good read....I’ll break it into 2 parts. Tanguy Ndombele reveals all on Mourinho turning up at his home and Levy convincing him to stay sat down for a long chat with the Tottenham Hotspur midfielder about his tough first season at the club and how it's...
  13. muttley

    Serge Insights on Jose

    Read this in the last week on Football London. Very interesting insights into the relationship between Serge and his manager. Thought I'd share..... Serge Aurier has admitted that he had to bite his tongue when Jose Mourinho was criticising him in the dressing room before a big Champions League...
  14. muttley

    O/T: Shared Quizzes

    So my brother in law sent this to me. It's well known bands and solo artists from across the decades. So need to get the VS squad together to help me get some family bragging rights. Over to you. 1. 🥩🍞 2. 🥵🍫 3. 🧔🏼👩🏼👩🏻‍🦱👨🏼‍🦱 4. 👥👥🏠👥👥 5. 🔫🔫🌹🌹 6. 🦅🦅 7. 🌷☀🍁❄ 8. ⬜🐍 9. 🌎 🌬 🔥 10. 🏝 11. T❔ 12. 🐝🏇🏼🏇🏼...
  15. muttley

    Tired ears after 90 mins

    Read this in a Teamtalk article..... ESPN‘s Julien Laurens watched the game in north London and faced questions on ESPN FC about hearing players and managers shout in empty stadiums. The journalist said: “Mourinho, for example, had a go at Matt Doherty pretty much from minute one to minute...
  16. muttley

    That's a Moura

    Interesting comments from Clinton Morrison on Radio 5 this week.... Clinton Morrison was left unimpressed with Lucas Moura’s lack of effort during Tottenham’s FA Cup win at Wycombe on Monday, as he told BBC Radio 5 Live Sport. The former Crystal Palace hitman shared that ‘even the subs’ were...
  17. muttley

    Hugo or Hustay?

    So some admiring glances coming from the French capital by our ex manager, Poch. Having just turned 34 on Boxing Day and with no long term contract in hand, there must be a big part of Hugo that wants to go and spend the last chapter of his career at PSG. He's been loyal to our club and not got...
  18. muttley

    Match Thread: Tottenham Hotspurs vs Leeds Utd PL

    Must admit, looking forward to this one. Lots of great history and shared players between our 2 clubs so great to be playing them again at the highest level. Can Jose get us back to play more on the front foot?
  19. muttley

    Carabao Semi-Final Draw

    So Spurs, Brentford, Man City and Utd in the draw. Fingers crossed for Brentford at home !!!
  20. muttley

    A Spotlas Interview by Dier

    Nice article on BBC Sports today about Dier. Eric Dier: Tottenham defender on clean sheets, Jose Mourinho and creating his own app "I'm resident wicketkeeper," laughs Eric Dier, after being spotted donning goalkeeping gloves during Tottenham's training ground cricket matches. Clips of those...