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    Advertising on This Site

    Accepting that advertising is a necessary part of providing this site, the new level of ad banners all over almost every page is beginning to make the articles and posts unreadable on an iPad. There needs to be a better balance rather than just throwing ads all over the screens.
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    Contract Talk

    I see there is a lot of press talk about a huge new contract for Alli while at the same time reporting nothing being offered to Toby. If it were up to me, Toby would be well ahead of Alli in terms of importance to our team and should merit a big increase. Anyone have any knowledge as to how...
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    Run-In Predictions

    We have certainly been playing very well and some are predicting winning the League and FA Cup. I have looked at the remaining fixtures for us, Chelsea, Liverpool and Man City and my predictions are : 1st Chelsea 91 points 2nd Liverpool 81 3rd Spurs 80 on goal...