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    1st crowdfunder

    Saw this from Twitter The Supporters Fund We need your views! In August 2020 Wigan Athletic Supporters Club rallied fans and friends of WAFC to raise just over £200,000 to save Wigan Athletic from extinction during the 2019/20 season. These monies were used to help keep the football club...
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    Another brilliant Jay Whittle podcast...

    ...with Gregor Rioch. His podcasts have been very informative. Do give it a listen. And thanks Jay. Will always remember your initial email highlighting WAFC's plight last year which was read and quote all over.
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    Doncaster at home

    Have you all forgotten about tomorrow's game? Bought your match pass yet?
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    Fundraising for WAFC
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    Pelligrini - let's get him in !!!

    Sorry - can't find "tongue in cheek" gif. ps yes it should be an "e" instead of an "i" before headmaster corrects me.
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    Behind the scenes
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    We're the better team when we play on the deck

    So how many shots on target did WBA have tonight?