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    Guess the Gate

    For anyone that may be interested in a bit of fun, the annual 'Guess the Gate' competition is getting underway on CockneyLatic. Its nothing serious, just a bit of fun. All you need to do is register if you aren't already registered and post your attendance prediction before the cut off for each...
  2. J

    Sorry, couldn't resist.

    Just getting my 15 month old Grandson ready for the new season.
  3. J

    What next for FGR?

    Vegan pies, Coffee waste shirts, a wooden stadium, why don't they go the whole hog and get a bird to be boss!!!!!!
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    The problem we have got, is that we have been spoilt rotten with goalkeepers over the years. Look at the lists below, the first group contains the ones who I would say were outstanding goalkeepers. Reeves, Filan, Pollitt, Carroll, Al Habsi, Carson, Jasskalinen, Walton, Kirkland, Robles...
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    What a great gesture.
  6. J

    Any news??

    I know 'no news is supposed to be good news', but surely some news must be due soon. Has anyone heard anything??
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    Latest Wigan Banksy

    This was painted on one of the exits at the DW, but was soon washed off apparently. This is the latest of a series, has anyone got a link to the rest of them?
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    WASC appeal

    The appeal has just passed the £125,000 mark. Well done everyone, keep posting the link everywhere and tell every fu**er about it. If you haven't donated, please dig deep, every donation no matter how big or small counts. Remember the bucket for Stan McEwan, well this is the same but with a...
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    Latics 5 Rotherham 1

    There's just football everywhere,, I can't keep up.
  10. J

    Latics 1 Bristol Rovers 0 Highlights

    Another good win and Latics move up to 4thin the league after 3 wins in the week.
  11. J

    Latics 2 Scunthorpe United 1 Highlights

    Latics move into 6th place with this victory. Can they make 3 wins in the week against Bristol Rovers on Thursday?
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    Latics 3 Shrewsbury Town 1 Highlights
  13. J

    Bradford City 3 Latics 1 Highlights

    A poor result in the last game against Bradford City. Lets hope for a better performance and result tonight against Shrewsbury Town.
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    Latics 2 Port Vale 3 Highlights

    More football to feast your eys on. A narrow defeat for Latics at home to Port Vale. The action starts at around 19mins 25 seconds ish.
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    Rochdale 0 Latics 2 Highlights

    Lets get some football back on here. It may have been a scruffy deflected first goal and an own goal for the 2nd, but a win is a win and the Latics go marching on. The action starts after quite a long introduction at about 9mins 30 ish. Enjoy!!!
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    League Cup David Moyes reckons Scottish, Welsh and Irish League teams should be able to enter a revamped League Cup competition called the British Cup. He says also that some Premier League clubs should be able to opt out to avoid their 50 man squads becoming...
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    Someone posted a cracking link for watching the Leicester City FA Cup match a few months back. You just clicked on it and it worked with no loading problems or buffering etc. Can anyone remember it, or provide a good one for tomorrow nights match?
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    53 years

    I have missed 4 games in 53 years watching my Football Club 2 FA CUP games (Whitby Town in 1981 due to illnees, and Forest a few years ago due to work, 1 League game versus Rochdale in the last promotion season for a family wedding and the Play off match against City for my Mums wedding). I have...
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    COOK OUT!!!

    Please get shut of this idiot now while there is still time for a new Manager to put this right. FFS, the kit man could do better than this mon.
  20. J

    Garner gone to Bristol Rovers