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  1. ScottyimpinChessy


    Bruno Andrade signed for Stevenage. What happened at money bags Salford I wonder?
  2. ScottyimpinChessy

    ST renewal problems ?

    I'm wondering if anyone else is having problems renewing for next season ? I opted to roll over this seasons ST cost to next season. I've now tried several times to renew, and followed the guidance, to reduce the cost by using the amount rolled over which is shown as 'on account '. The...
  3. ScottyimpinChessy


    I keep looking at the Burton team sheet every game and not seen Bossie for a while so I'm assuming he is injured ?
  4. ScottyimpinChessy

    A long shot but............

    Has anyone got a spare ticket for the Grimsby game ? My brother in law is a youth coach in the North East and one of his lads is on loan at Grimsby from Sunderland and he wants to come and see him play - Elliot Embleton (no22), a bit of a star apparently.
  5. ScottyimpinChessy

    Boateng & Stockley

    .....are allegedly on the market from Exeter, would be a great couple of signings for us if the ££££ is not prohibitive.
  6. ScottyimpinChessy

    Kristian Dennis

    Chesterfield have transfer listed him as he wants EFL footy next season - a target for DC?