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    Hojbjerg - Is he actually holding us back?

    I found myself enjoying the game last night. Until Hojbjerg came on. As soon as he came on i found myself feeling more nervous than any other period. Even the first 2 mins. There is something i find unsettling about him for Spurs. He seems to over complicate the basics and does it in...
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    Tottenham Hotspur FC (fat club)

    Talking to a few on here it seems a few of us could do with or wish to lose a few pounds. I am all for sharing my weight as a way of motivating myself. Maybe get some feedback on what I’m doing right or wrong etc etc. So here is what I wrote yesterday Hey Walth, I am just starting my own...
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    Supported Spurs since 1987. Never been to a home game........until now

    It all started watching the players in the 87 season wearing those tight white shorts. For me something just clicked and I have only ever loved Spurs. Always lived the other end of the country and growing up, playing myself, family etc etc it just hasn’t ever been possible to get to a home...
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    Proud Dad Alert

    know its not football related and tbh i dont know most of you but i dont care. My daughter, as some may know is climber. Last week she was at the national climbing competition for the UK (Invite only). She only went and came second :-) Only beaten in the climbing equivelant of a penalty...
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    Proud Dad moment, bullying and girls

    Just wanted to share a proud moment from the weekend. Cut a long story short my daughter was getting bullied at school for a few months by a teachers daughter. Told she couldn't play with her own friends type things rather than physical. The fact it was a teachers daughter made it much worse...
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    If you run or play in a team then post your success

    As I started a thread about a recent final etc my team is going to be in then I thought it might be fun to see who actually runs a football team and how they have done this season. Mine is U12's 4th position in league (Champions League ;-) County Cup final League Cup Final Post yours up :-)
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    Am I a killjoy, miserable git, winner or all of the above?

    Basically the team I manage has reached 2 cup finals which we will plY next month. One is the league cup but the other is the county cup. Our club isnt the traditional trophy chasers you normally get in kids football. We have had most of them together since 5yrs old and now at 12 the payback...
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    What sports other than football are your kids into

    As most of us have proved we are all football mad. I have devoted most of my life to the game either playing or coaching. Because of this I have always tried to keep my kids interests varied rather than stuck on football. Kinda failed with my football mad son but we do compete at RC cars and...
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    Calling all knee gurus

    Well it looks like this is the next step Having gone through a fully ruptured patella tendon, followed by lateral release on the right I am now trying to get the left knee addressed. I had the arthroscopy bit about 6mths ago...
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    Hopefully the end of a long painfull journey

    Sat here today with my left leg up recovering from another op. This time on my left knee. The right has been rebuilt and now I have finally got the left sorted. Hopefully enough to give me more than 5 mins without pain playing with the kids. Anyhow yesterday's op whilst starting comically...