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  1. tarzan

    Time to gel

    I realize we had to get some new players, but this is a shock to the system. How long do you think it will take us to get up and running?
  2. tarzan

    Tour de France

    What a spectacle this year. Don't care about the drugs etc... The whole thing is amazing. The idea of another competitor giving up everything for another in his team is amazing.
  3. tarzan

    Oscar Pistorious

    What goes around comes around my friend. Good to see justice is finally being done.
  4. tarzan

    Anyone collecting the Panini Brasil 2014 Stickers?

    My boy has shed loads of swaps, school holidays and no one to exchange with. Wonder if anyone else on here wanted to trade some?
  5. tarzan

    How do you manage your musak?

    I'd be interested to see how people manage their music. I have a 160gB iPod classic to which I have ripped most of my old CDs, with iTunes Match. Listened to via a iPod docking station. I heard on the news recently that iPods are being phased out. Nowadays, I am sure there's much more...
  6. tarzan

    Alcohol the devils brew.

    Have an of you guys seen this clip? I found it riveting, the politician guy makes me angry really angry every time I watch it.
  7. tarzan

    Dry January

    This comes in various forms and the media appear to have picked up on it big time in 2014. I am going to do it this year. Thoughts?
  8. tarzan

    The beer thread

    Living in Belgium and having probably the largest choice in the world. I'm interested in your favourite beer, mine is Leffe blonde - served in the appropriate glass of course.
  9. tarzan

    Preferred sports radio station?

    Residing in Brussels, I listen to Talksport. Which leaves me with Alan Brazil and Colin Murray in the morning, both are completely appalling. This morning Johnny Vaughan and Brian Moore are now on, what a breath of fresh air! Wondered what stations and broadcasters people liked.
  10. tarzan

    Human/Ape Hybrid In China – Genetic Crossbreed Called “Humanzee This is amazing, a blue nose found in deepest China