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    Aston Villa vs Everton Saturday 18th September 17:30

    I appreciate it's a bit early, but wanted to know everyone's thoughts on the selection headache for Dean Smith. We're at home against 'lesser' opposition - which begs the question, will we stick with a back 5? And how do Bailey and Buendia intergrate? Can we push Ollie out wide? Is Ramsey now...
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    Richard O'Kelly Departs

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    The Leon Bailey Thread

    Welcome.... Now on official social media pages. Will you be playing with, or instead of Jack??
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    Micah Richards On Villa

    Wasn't really sure where to post. But thought it may be of interest to some.
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    Grippy Latex

    Shot in the dark really - so no problems if nobody can help me out, however I was wondering if there are any past or present goalkeepers here who could help me out. I play as a goalkeeper, and I go through gloves like hot dinners. The latex fades and grip goes, or the stitching falls apart etc...