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    Wilder Words
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    Media to Blame for Panic Buying

    I cringed the other day,on RS news bulletin,they cant help themselves can they > Sainsburys are reporting that there will be a shortage on the shelves of lettuce etc and citrus fruits,in the next few day IF the port of Dover remains closed. What do you see on TV the next day EMPTY shelves in...
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    We Will Not

    Win a game in whats left of this year,be lucky to get two draws,possibly relegated by end of March. Chelsea > A...........Lose WHU > H................Lose WBA > A.................Draw Liecester > H........Lose S/ampton > A.......Lose Man U > H.............Lose Brighton > A........Lose Everton >...
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    The System

    Wilder is adamant that the system has not been other teams,the pundits know nowt. What i see is no longer the system that we used last season,its a mish mash system,so maybe the other teams have yet to get that sussed,Wilder is reyt. The ref against Liverpool is Tranmere...
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    @Cornish Crabber Blade

    @cornishcrabberblade Is this you
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    Kevin the Barnsley Blade

    Famous for slating Ched on Radio Sheffield has passed away,his son has reported.
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    Vital Sheffield United New Members

    Question really for @BladesMad I have been asked to ask how long do registration of new members take to be approved. Barney over on S24SU has asked me to ask the question,says he has registered but still cant post yet ?
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    Dem Dingles

    Win 2-1 at Brentford,puts them on 49pts Wigan finish on 59pts but will have 12pts deduction applied. So baring a court case turnaround Dingles stay in the Championship. Well done :clap:
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    Face Coverings in Supermarkets

    Compulsory from the end of next week,if you refuse then plod will give you a £100 fine,as if plod ain't got enough to do.:police: Virus began in Feb/Mar,so they have just decided face coverings will help in preventing virus spread in July. :ROFLMAO:
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    Mings or Ings

    Chicken and Egg question which came first. I cant make my mind up :unsure:
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    Lockdown Football

    Is there anything you see in the games that you like,and would like to see carried over into normal football games. The one thing i like is having spare balls on podiums having them seems to have speeded up the game,i would have a couple more ball podiums down the sides. Is there anything you...
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    Wilder Considering the Dark Arts

    Listened to his aftermatch interview which was great and as honest as ever,but it seems Arsenal have left a bad taste in his mouth regarding their players falling over at every opportunity. He says he seriously considering telling the players to fall over rather than be honest and try to stand...
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    Sport the whole Shebang

    Has anyone else de-scentisised (sp) themselves,from its non existence now,are you prepared to not visit Bramall Lane again until say 2021,i have resigned myself to that possibly happening The "new normal" what is being talked about is this preparing us for nothing being the same again,sport...
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    Kim Jong Un

    Could be a dead un,not been seen in public since April 11th,mind you Boris has been hiding since 6th April,we know he's not dead dont we,are we certain. If Kim is a dead un there is speculation it could lead to WW3,a nuclear war. Thats all we need on top of Coronavirus. Oh and a 2nd wave of...
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    They went quick. Have any of our resident front liners/key workers managed to bag a test.
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    CoronaVirus Test Kits

    Let us know if you get one,delivered by posman pat.
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    £625 you want some ?

    Only if you are 18 to 55.......................rules most out on here codgers. You want to do something positive to save lives do this.
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    Winners and Losers in a New World Order

    Lots to digest in this article. Outcome for some will be not to rely on other countries so much for certain goods,maybe they will increase manufacturing at "home".
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    Peter Schmeichel

    Read an article of his this morning about Dean Henderson. He says there is a big difference in being No1 at Old Trafford to being No1 at Bramall Lane. He is makin out that Deano is no where near ready to challenge De Gea for the first team spot at Man U. I think he is,both teams play against...