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    John McMahon

    Assistant Manager at Morecambe. First time I’ve come across him since the infamous home game v Runcorn, August 1987.
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    Maheto Malango

    All I can remember of him is scoring in the 5-1 League Cup win against Crewe.
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    Robbie Gotts to Salford

    Wonder what’s happened there? Was on a season long loan and all looked and sounded good on Tuesday night.
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    Good article in today’s Daily Mail.
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    League match 22 years ago tonight

    Lincoln City 2 Manchester City 1. Never liked Dickov after he put Jason Barnett out of the game for several weeks. Think City (the blue one) went on to lose at York the following Saturday before turning their season round.
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    17 April 1976 - your memories

    I’ll kick off with Donny’s shocking chocolate brown kit (like Coventry) and Percy’s diving header. And now you’re gonna believe us .........
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    Bolton game rearranged ....

    .... according to my Eventbrite account for Tues 26 Nov. Anyone else heard this?
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    City fans today⚽️⚽️.1488824/page-89 Scan down to post by G Whizz at 5.06pm.
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    Monday 20 August 1973

    Home pre-season friendly v Forest (season started late that year). Imps won 2-0. Anyone remember this game? Full Forest first team plus one lad I’d never heard of as sub - Woodcock. Only 2,600 there but plenty of crowd skirmishes; no fences to stop people moving round the ground in those days.
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    Yeovil game not on UK I Follow They EFL / Clubs seem to be making it up as they go along.
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    Tomori O.G.

    He’s done it again tonight!
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    Lincoln City 4 Manchester City 1

    Last night’s CL game reminded me of another time when Man City went into a 2nd Leg 3 goals down. They did not recover.
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    Central defenders

    One for ScotImp (or anyone else). When was the last / previous times that both central defenders scored in the same match?
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    Scott Wharton Good game, good goal. Almost Raggettesque!
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    29/09/71 - 46 years ago tonight

    Thought I’d throw this one in on the eve of derby day. Remember this? H v Grimsby W3-0 Think Grimsby were top where they were to finish the season. One of the best wins I’ve seen after the 5-0 Russell Slade HT talk. Frankie McMahon crashed an early long range shot in off the post at the South...
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    Cowleys proud of superb support

    Red Quite something to put on your CV - increasing gates from 2000 to 8000 in 12 months.
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    Mandzukic goal for Juventus

    Nathan Arnold-esque.
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    By my calculation (Scot Imp will correct me if I'm wrong) the average home league attendance for 2016/17. That is 6,074 average, lowest 2,440 v Southport, highest 10,031 v Macclesfield. Best average for 40 years and only behind 71/72, 75/76 and 76/77 in my time. Danny & Nicky Cowley, we...
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    Linesmens decisions

    1. Since when has a linesman raised his flag for handball? Wasn't too concerned when I first saw it as the sign to ref for handball was always flag across the chest. 2. Will go down in history with the other injustices that have gone against us in big matches. penalty against Jamie McCombe at...
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    12 full internationals - 606 caps

    Amended table with thanks to Snats. PLAYER COUNTRY CAPS Cech Czech 124 Bellerin Spain 3 Mustafi Germany 15 Koscielny France 42 Gibbs England 10 Oxlade-Chamberlain England 24 Xhaka Switzerland 48 Ramsey Wales 45 Walcott England 47 Giroud France 59 Sanchez Chile 106 Ozil Germany 83 Coquelin...