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  1. chris who

    Gills manager quiz I got 20 out of 26.i am sure you can do better.
  2. chris who

    Akindie should he be asked to play on Saturday?

    I was just wondering the opinion on Akindie in current situation I think Evans needs Akindie to play on Saturday. Not sure if that is what Akindie is willing or able to do .But convincing performance would make a world of difference.
  3. chris who

    The non league scene.

    I went to watch Stowmarket play Canvey island today.This one seemed a must as Canvey is of course managed by our own Mark Bentley. Stowmarket town are newly promoted to the Isthmian league. Had the slightly better chance wise of a 2 all draw .While Canvey definitely dominated possession. It was...
  4. chris who

    Centre forward or a smaller quick striker?

    With Gerald Sithole impressive display v Crawley the big question is do we need a quick forward or can he fill that gap? Would we be better served by looking for cover for Oliver ? I can't see the finances being there for both and getting someone who is big and fast isn't going to happen unless...
  5. chris who

    Crawley manager is not a happy man.

    Definitely looking for a battle on Tuesday night I would say.
  6. chris who

    FAO MR Greenwood Someone has your mail from Gillingham FC.
  7. chris who

    The season ahead.

    A massive debate over who goes up this term .This well written article gives the low down on who will go up and down. It seems these reporters large one apart.don't see Gills going anywhere this season.
  8. chris who

    On this day in 1997.

    Bob Taylor was signed for £500,000 we can only dream of being able to spend that much these days .But what a player the way he could strike a ball with alm almost no back lift at all .Amazing player oh to find a Bob Taylor on a free transfer today 24 years on there has to be a freebie out there...
  9. chris who

    Cricket England v Pakistan

    I have never really watched the 20 over game what is a good total ?
  10. chris who

    Pre season friendlies. Just seen this a local match unfortunately I think I will have to work.A tough last match before Lincoln. I wonder if there have been any player negotiating between the clubs which lead to...
  11. chris who

    Train travel to games advice.

    I am certain to be using the train a lot more to games this season. Can anyone give me advice as to the best place/s to book tickets? Also how many weeks in advance it is best to book to get the best deals?
  12. chris who

    From Priestfield to Priest

    A greater Glory from pitch to pulpit by Gavin Peacock a Christian focus publication. I have just been given this book. Forward by John Motson "I'm full of admiration for Gavin and the way he lives out his faith". David Moyes" I played against Gavin he was a outstanding professional and more...
  13. chris who

    Random Gills videos and images thread.

    Thought I would start this one with the way Gills normally would enter with a song .I have chosen this one.Before anyone asks why not last Waltz? Well that is probably best left to the end of this thread inbetween share your films online or even home made footage of the mighty Gills.Take care it...
  14. chris who

    Chesham and Amersham election result

    I believe that this result shows a example of what I have been saying that the Liberal Democrats and Labour supporters must try to find common ground. I believe the parties are closer together than many Tories and with one another. It is clear that Labour supporters help swing this result. The...
  15. chris who

    Christian Eriksen

    Just to wish him well. Amazing against us at White hart lane.Hope and pray he makes a full recovery.
  16. chris who

    Hartlepool,Torquay,Stockport or Notts county?

    Out of interest which ground team would you perfer to return to the football league. With the possibly we might need to visit it in the coming few years ? I have only ever been to Notts county and would I think go for Torquay as it would may a nice trip on a summer's day or spring perhaps.
  17. chris who

    Peterborough chairman makes league one spending claim I don't know how he would know for sure probably simply speculating. But it does seem likely that the division will be split in two...
  18. chris who

    Gills quiz.

    Please don't post the answers as it can spoil it for others. But post your scores of course.Some easy ones others a little harder . You can personal message me save you checking. But you can of course check your own answers if you wish. There are 23 other sides in next years League one.The...
  19. chris who

    Five quiz questions

    I will start with five every two or three days .Answers when I do the next questions over the weekend 1 Which group recorded the song Massachusetts? 2 Which singer was known as "The man in black?" 3 Which town is the home of the Benjamin Britten music festival? 4 Ashley Rusty Dinah and...
  20. chris who

    Answers General Knowledge quiz(see other thread beforehand)

    1 Trooping of the colour 2 Hamlin 3 Hyde Park 4 Glaucoma 5 University boat race 6 Moses 7 Virgo 8 Drones 9 Wellard 10 George Herbert Walker Bush 11 Linen 12 Winston Churchill 1965 13 Dennis Thatcher 14 Pound Sterling 15 Just William /Brown 16 Neville Chamberlain 17 Geysee 18 Four 19 1855...