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    Aston Villa vs Everton Saturday 18th September 17:30

    Proper up for this one! First time in Villa Park for a couple of years now, cant wait!
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    Erod Prediction League Game 5: Aston Villa v Everton

    GreensladeUTV: Aston Villa 2 - 2 Everton
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    The Danny Ings Thread

    Well deserved!
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    The All New January Transfer Window rumour thread

    Dont know why but this made me laugh :lol:
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    Chelsea v Aston Villa Match Thread - 11/9 - 5.30pm

    Am i right in saying Bidace came off injured for England??? If so another winger out :D .. hows our luck eh
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    Erod Prediction League 21/22 Games Merged

    GreensladeUTV: Chelsea 3 - 0 Aston Villa
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    The World Cup 2022 Thread

    I mean not to poo poo everyones meltdown but I played rugby the following week when i had a broken rib..It can be done, although this is professional football and I do realise that you break a nail these days and you could be back this week or you could be back after christmas :shrug:
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    Aston Villa v Brentford Match Thread 28/8 3pm

    Getting fed up of these ifs/buts and maybes. Just tell us straight ffs.
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    The League Cup Thread

    I was just about to say I'll make note of this when Chelsea reserves beat us :rolleyes:
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    Barrow v Aston Villa Match Thread 24/8 7:45pm

    Really well done by the club for this. Great to see and that will go a long way for clubs like Barrow.
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    Kappa Innit

    Dont understand why we've gone blue and white? Surely a dark purple would look better? Or black? I wouldn't mind it as much then.
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    Kappa Innit

    Just been released...doesnt look black to me...:hmmm:
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    The Anwar El Ghazi Thread

    Is Bryan Gil any good? Never heard of him..
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    The Ollie Watkins Thread

    Could be this week, could be after the international break. Could be never. :shrug: (I added that bit in of course)
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    Youth - U23 - Loans Thread - For 2021/22

    What have I just watched :computer:
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    The Summer 2021 Transfer Rumour Thread

    I reckon we're done for incomings now.. Cant see how it would be viable to have another midfielder come in with all we've got. Bearing in mind we still have Sanson to come in also he'll probably give it until Jan to see where we are etc
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    The Summer 2021 Transfer Rumour Thread

    Interesting decision that. Could be a good move, but maybe not. Grass isn't always greener..
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    Aston Villa v Newcastle Utd Match Thread 21/8 3pm

    Welcome guys! Settle yourselves in with some negatives posts and you'll get on with the majority here :lol::lol::tank:
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    Erod Prediction League 21/22 Games Merged

    GreensladeUTV: Aston Villa 2 - 2 Brentford
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    The Summer 2021 Transfer Rumour Thread

    Having seen Bissouma over the weekend I'd have to agree he looks one hell of a player and would certainly free up Luiz to play further forward which is exactly what we should be looking to do. Also lets mcginn go forward aswel as we know he is much better in doing so! Wishful thinking to get him...