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    Score Predictions v Ipswich Town

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    Score Predictions v Rotherham United

    We hardly ever beat Rovrum do we? Tonight, though maybe yes. 1-0 to the mighty imps.
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    What is the preferable Centre-half pairing?

    I wonder if we may be expecting a bid for Monster? I hope not as I like the way he brings the ball out of defence and his set piece skills in the oppositions box, but it would not surprise me. Remember he was in the league one team of last season.
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    Rate The Players v Bolton Wanderers

    Griffiths 6. Played well , commanded his area and quick distribution. Then as in the previous games came a costly error. Not just his fault as we had other opportunities to clear, but he set off the comedic chain reaction. Poole. 7.5 Played well both defensively and in support of the attack...
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    Match Thread: Lincoln City v Bolton Wanderers

    Harsh on us. Bolton were pretty good but a draw was deserved. The goal was a catastrophic series of errors . We played some good stuff but Bolton were comfortable and we did not press high enough. Mcgandles has not started the season well. Melbourne has a mistake in him as does Griffiths so...
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    Match Thread: Lincoln City v Bolton Wanderers

    No video again.
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    TJ Back on a permanent deal

    Stupendous outcome. Cowley eat your heart out.
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    Match Thread: Lincoln City v Bolton Wanderers

    Happy about TJ but unhappy about I follow. Why have I paid 10 quid for this.?
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    Score Predictions v Fleetwood Town

    1-0 imps
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    Where will they Finish competition for 21-22 season entries thread.

    Ipswich Town Wigan Athletic Charlton Athletic Lincoln City Rotherham United Sheffield Wednesday Sunderland Oxford United Portsmouth Milton Keynes Dons Bolton Wanderers Wycombe Wanderers Doncaster Rovers Accrington Stanley Burton Albion Gillingham Crewe Alexandra Shrewsbury Town Cheltenham Town...
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    Match Thread: Stockport County v Lincoln City

    I find the Nlundulu and Fiorini omissions a bit strange. The recruitment has been excellent, but it seems like we are very undercooked at the moment. I will be pleasantly surprised if we come out early doors firing on all cylinders.
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    Score Predictions v Gillingham

    1-0 imps
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    Plays on the right side though. More of a replacement for Harry. Pace and power so not an immediate Appleton target. Lets hope he has the technical side to go along with it. As usual with wingers, he will be exciting but erratic. I saw that Gary H likened him to N Guessan. Liking overall that we...
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    Lasse Sorensen Signing?

    Jeg kan godt li Soren fra Danmark. Welcommen til Lincoln.
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    Match Thread: Norwich City v Lincoln City PSF

    Third game running we have conceded after 88 mins.
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    Match Thread: Norwich City v Lincoln City PSF

    We have 4 centrebacks at the club, if you include Roughan, but none playing in the first half? Sometimes you have to roll with the punches. More pain to be inflicted this afternoon me thinks.
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    Match Thread: Boston United v Lincoln City

    Too many unanswered questions for my liking. Where to start ? Even a friendly trouncing by Boston hurts imps fans, especially where imps fans are paying for the privilege. Does getting minutes into Mcgrandles Hopper Jackson Bridcutt, Maguire and Bramhall overtake the potential confidence...
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    Match Thread: Boston United v Lincoln City

    Don't like to be negative but starting to wonder about the purpose of this pre season. Apart from limited time for Maguire we are not getting any fresh impetus on the pitch. You could say it is a good thing to get the kids playing alongside the senior pros but we seem along way off being league...
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    Open Letter From Michael Appleton/Club Will Support Appleton During Break

    Best wishes from Somerset to the Big man. Here's to a speedy but timely recovery . In Jez we have a capable stand in allied to Liam. Lets hope for some positive transfer news in the next few days.
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    Score Predictions & Match Thread: England v Italy

    Very tough to call this one. England's pace will scare the Italians, but tha azzuri often seem to find a way to win, by fair means or foul, or a combination of both. Verrati and Jorginho against Rice and Philips will be key. If had to make a prediction I would go 1-0 to Italy. Hope my gut...