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    My favourite bit was this: "Interesting that Wigan have gone into a huddle before the penalties but Bolton are spread out having drinks. There's probably no right way of doing these things. Not sure which is best but i'm just saying what I'm seeing with my eyes." Truly insightful.
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    Summer transfers rumours, speculation, news

    Yon chairmon has geet his quills out again. 4 of them this time. Might be an interesting few days.
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    Summer transfers rumours, speculation, news

    Bradshaw was a cracking signing. Always used to be the last one getting picked up by a taxi at the bottom of King Street after a night out for some reason. Even the MFI shuffle didn't bring him any joy.
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    Men who sell football

    That would have been an ace programme for all those "how to run a ticket office properly" geeks out there. Bet it would have broken viewing records(y)
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    Sunderland vs Latics

    I'm sorry, did I miss something there to warrant that response?
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    Sunderland vs Latics

    Absolutely, but has the policy of blocking VPNs changed? I'll be giving it a try!
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    Sunderland vs Latics

    IPVanish and I can pick any country in the world where they have a server, even different cities within the country. That's the thing though, a user in Spain (for example) would be able to connect as they would not be using a VPN service - just a standard connection from a broadband supplier...
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    Sunderland vs Latics

    They told me that if you are using a VPN then you would be blocked from using Ifollow. I moved around the whole world that day before contacting them and being told VPN = no stream. I'm just interested to hear if that policy has changed or is still in place. I pay for a VPN and more and more...
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    Sunderland vs Latics

    Last time I tried to use a VPN to watch a Latics match it wouldn't allow me and said VPNs were excluded by the streaming service. The server was based abroad. Does anyone know if this has changed?
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    New Sponsors

    Aren't "they" really "us"? Just like when Dave Whelan had JJB on the shirts?
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    Roberto Martinez: Whistle to Whistle

    It is a good watch and we do get mentioned on a few occasions. It tickles me when he drops in a Wigan sound from time to time. Much more time away from Wigan than he had here but just can't drop those dulcet Wigan tones. The boy has done well, good luck to him.
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    Summer transfers rumours, speculation, news

    I saw a comment on Twitter that said something like "if he's as good as he is on football manager, then he will be class". It got me thinking how do our other signings stats look on football manager? Surely not?
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    Summer transfers rumours, speculation, news

    Kal Naismith seemed to get off Cook's "shit list" as you put it. Listen to his interview with Jay Whittle where he talks about training with the stiffs etc. He was Cook's go to man in the end. Some people just don't react correctly when being challenged.
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    Summer transfers rumours, speculation, news

    You mean like this?
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    The government has made/is making a right bloody mess of all this.

    Ahhhh, but did he mean coronavirus vaccines. Maybe it is MMR and TB time in the Bolton schools and they are bumping the numbers up 😉. Matt wouldn't lie to us, that's for sure. And I wish the person reporting it would make his mind up about where he is from.
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    Summer transfers rumours, speculation, news

    And I've liked your post up to the 3rd comma of the 5. Last two are rubbish. Aside from that I'm not too keen. Apart from maybe the first word of your 3rd sentence, which is a good un.
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    Summer transfers rumours, speculation, news

    Yip, they all post on here.
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    AFC Wimbledon v Rochdale

    That'll do their goal difference the world of good.
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    Not Latics - Tit for Tat bickering, jibes and personal insults.

    How has this thread somehow turned into a very dark Carry On film?
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    Is Ashley Houghton next to leave

    Shame to see him go as he came across as a good un. Sure he will do well wherever he ends up. Best of luck Ash. As for Matt McCann, I do miss his commentary, giddy wasn't the word! Felt like it was one of us commentating in the pub at times with zero impartiality:clap: