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  1. Trekker

    Happy VillaBrownie Day !

    Many happy returns !
  2. Trekker

    Gerard Houllier RIP

    Our former manager has died age 73
  3. Trekker

    Vegitablists warned!

    Vegan sausages could be renamed 'tubes' under new EU law
  4. Trekker

    Season Tickets

    Anyone had contact concerning season tickets? Are they planning to refund us or knock it off next season?
  5. Trekker

    Ron Wylie

    RIP Ron Wylie , former Villa player and coach has passed away aged 85.
  6. Trekker

    Happy 81st Ron Atkinson

    Many happy returns Ron!:utv::utv::utv::utv::utv::utv::utv::toot::toot::toot::toot::toot:
  7. Trekker

    Ron Saunders.

    It’s being reported that Ron Saunders has passed away age 87
  8. Trekker

    RIP Mike Ferguson AVFC

    Former Villa player Mike Ferguson has passed away age 76. Mike played at Villa in 1968 /69 making 38 appearances RIP
  9. Trekker

    Happy Villabrownie day!

    Happy birthday VB! Have a great day Vitals own American correspondent!
  10. Trekker

    Happy Peter McParland Day!

    Happy Birthday to a real legend Peter McParland 85 :utv::utv::utv::utv:
  11. Trekker

    Words fail me.
  12. Trekker

    Bring back the old forums

    Should we insist the Fear reinstate the old forums ?
  13. Trekker

    RIP Nigel Sims

    Legendary AVFC 57 cup final keeper, Nigel Sims, has passed away. Holtender in the Sky.
  14. Trekker

    RIP Alan Deakin.

    Former Villa skipper Alan Deakin has passed away aged 76
  15. Trekker

    Would you invest in an offshore sex tax scandal

    Would you invest in an offshore sex tax scandal?
  16. Trekker

    Cast the film of Fears book

    As per title who should play the various roles; Fear- Boris Karloff Deano- Antonio Fargas Mrs Fear - Dame Judi Dench Mr Fear -Sir Patrick Stewart Villabrownie - Maggie Gyllenhaal Dr - Heathfield Trekker- Paul Newman
  17. Trekker

    Any good builders out there?

    I am looking to have some work done at home including merging the garage into the kitchen. I need reliable builders to quote. I'm close by the Merry Hill Centre Brierley Hill. Any vital members do such work or know anyone? I have one recommendation but I need a couple more
  18. Trekker

    The Official Which Member of Bros is your favourite thread.

    Feel free to add your own options Multi voting is allowed.
  19. Trekker

    Favourite Custard (asexual)

    What colour or flavour custard is your favourite
  20. Trekker

    Vital trade directory.

    I am currently looking at a few possible improvements to my house and I will need at some stage to consult and employ various trade professionals Do we have such talents on Vital? We must have. If you are a genuine tradesman, let your fellow Villains know. Obviously, it's up to the customer...