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  1. Kura

    Midweek Kick Off Times

    With the multitude of kick off changes this season i'm wondering why nobody's playing midweek fixtures in the afternoon. Is their a rule about midweek fixture times?
  2. Kura

    Declan Drysdale or Stuart Thurgood

    After tonight's inept performance by an 'professional" footballer does he now rival Stuart Thurgood as one of our most talentless signings. The sight of him playing "center forward" at the end completely summed up the last two fixtures. Where do we go from here, honestly it's been dreadful for...
  3. Kura

    Gills vs Rovers

    Didn't this fixture once feature the same team kick off both halves
  4. Kura

    Midweek hoodoo fact

    Dominic Samuel. Played vs Rochdale. 24.11.2015. Played vs Wimbledon 24.11.2020
  5. Kura

    Matty Willock

    With Coyle and Woods both getting game time tonight he's just becoming a bench warmer. After all the hype and fanfare certainly never made any form of impact in any of the limited game time he's had. From the lack of statements over his fitness i'd assume he's fit but just not close to whats...
  6. Kura

    Pre Kick Off

    Has common sense finally prevailed?
  7. Kura

    Tommy Trublue

    Anybody know what's happening over his welfare after seeing the news that Arsenal have "put down" their mascot after 27 years of loyal service. Is Tommy Trublue grazing the great paddock in the sky or is he stabled awaiting the first real fan filled fixture.
  8. Kura

    TENET (n/g)

    In place of the late Barry Norman... This is a bag of compost... Left after 20 minutes of mumbling dialogue and a nonsense plot. Even Sir M. Caine and the lady from the Nightporter could save this.
  9. Kura

    Away midweek fixtures 20/21

    With a truncated season meaning more midweek fixtures the EFL no doubt will stick with its low attendance mantra for these. Looking pretty dire for us, hat's off in advance to anyone who manages all away fixtures season 20/21. Hull, Fleetwood, Blackpool, Plymouth, Sunderland.
  10. Kura

    Pre Kick off

    Is the current plethora of acts prior to Kick off a permanent fixture as now more time seems to be spent protesting, clapping, standing than playing. Seems sports become more political than it's original "entertainment" premise.
  11. Kura

    Live Sport (n/g)

    60,000 poured into two Rugby fixtures over Saturday and Sunday. Hopefully when the Gills reopen for business that the fans react the same way.
  12. Kura

    Live sport with crowds (n/g)

    Worlds first sporting event with paying customers here in New Zealand Saturday evening. First Post CVD19.
  13. Kura

    Service Veterans (N/G)

    Discounted rail travel card to start in November. 33‰ off all travel. Annual fee of 21 pounds. Incase any one on here qualifys.
  14. Kura

    Cricket (N/G)

    Time to undo the pain of last week and put England to the sword. One of crickets great venues to start a well anticipated tour by the Cricket World champions.
  15. Kura

    Marillion @ Royal Albert Hall. (N/G)

    Due to finger trouble i have two tickets for Marillion at Royal Albert Hall on Tuesday 19th Nov. Face value 50 pounds each, i'm doing a 241 deal so 50 pounds the pair. These seats are in the Gods and marked as Restricted View in the Rausing Circle. I have the actual tickets. I'll be at the...
  16. Kura

    WC 2022 (n/g)

    First qualification fixture today Mongolia vs Brunei. A long and winding road.
  17. Kura


    Leg of Hogget, new spuds, green beans and peas. Followed by Meringue and stewed Rhubarb. All straight from my life style block. Seasonal greetings one and all.
  18. Kura

    Club shop/ ticket office

    Visited both this morning. Staff most helpful in bypassing the six fixtures nonsense. The shop even went so far as to reward this overseas supporter with a generous 10% discount on all goods. Nice to feel appreciated by all concerned. They don't get much praise at times but the staff concerned...