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  1. MedwayModernist

    Catcalling/wolf whistling etc

    Just wanted to post this here. Lot's of people taking all sorts of classic BS positions with regards to the Sarah Everard story, and I saw links to catcalling twice, as if this was some sort of institution that's being removed. So, in your opinion, do you believe that cat calling is acceptable...
  2. MedwayModernist

    Gills in 1995 - financial issues

    Alright gents, I was a mere nipper in 1995. Can anyone recall how and why exactly we were in such dire financial straights before Scally moved in to secure our debts? Saw a clip today from Meridian news at the time that said we agreed a 26p in the pound deal to come out of receivership.
  3. MedwayModernist

    Shopping People N/G

    Yesterday on my evening dog walk in Bromley, I went down a road and saw a bunch of 20 somethings in their garden working out on garden gym equipment. Fair enough I thought, frankly rather jealous of their setup. I then go back past the house about 45 mins later, and 3 gym types (roided etc...
  4. MedwayModernist

    Most "entertaining" Gills XI

    Given the threads going, where someone mentioned the difference between greatest and best, I thought I'd start a thread on your most entertaining GIlls XI. Think Keegan era Newcastle... So mine is as follows, in a 442 Jim Stannard - Cigar and celery Dave Nosworthy - I remember him taking the...
  5. MedwayModernist

    Headingley N/G N/B N/C ish

    Put the test match on this morning, bit of a shame that the weather has been around, but rather disappointing to only have taken 3 wickets at the moment on the first day despite putting them in. I do love TMS btw, the conversation just babbling along like a soothing river, really enjoying this...
  6. MedwayModernist

    Friday Lunch

    Hoisin duck wrap, granola yoghurt, three pints of estrella... #clockwatching
  7. MedwayModernist

    so... are we the best team in the country now?

    If Liverpool had any form of personal morals and ethics, they should anoint us as the true champions of England and Wales when they are presented with the premiership title... bet they won't though
  8. MedwayModernist

    Supreme Court Verdict

    Is currently being delivered - preamble sounds like it's going to come down against Bojo
  9. MedwayModernist

    Which semi was the better comeback

    Liverpool, knowing they couldn't concede a goal, and would need to score 3 to force ET, and 4 to win, keeping out Barca in 90 mins and scoring the four themselves. Or Spurs, being 3-0 on aggregate with 40 minutes left in the tie, scoring three goals required to avoid defeat, and go through on...
  10. MedwayModernist

    Kentbattingcollapse 2.0

    We did threaten to do one yesterday, going from 198-2 to 204-4 in the space of a trip to the kitchen, but finishing at 357 for 5 was a great effort. Always good listening to the bbc ball by ball comms online btw, cracking bit of chat about the definition of kentish men/men of kent and what does...
  11. MedwayModernist

    Gills & Wimbledon - Joint XI

    Alright ladies and gents. So I've got two good mates at work who are both AFC Wimbledon fans, and seemingly as soon as I started my current job and therefore met the pair of them, that's when Gills and Wimbledon started almost exclusively trading in each others' players... So, in the pub on...
  12. MedwayModernist

    Playing Devil's Advocate....

    for whoever set the Cardiff prices... Scally or otherwise Anyone remember the shambles between the police and Gills 7 years ago when Stoke came to town? Cardiff City, and their equally large football hoolie based support travelling over will...
  13. MedwayModernist

    Gills Scapegoats over the years (lists!)

    Right, so the Wilkinson scapegoat thread made me wonder about our previous scapegoats. Do we reckon we could get a decent list of all gills scapegoats in order starting with the most recent first? Wilkinson (however deserved), let's keep on going. I'm positing the below, with Conor Wilkinson...
  14. MedwayModernist

    Music - Covers vs Originals - good list potential (NG/NB)

    Morning gents One of my mates at work is a huge Bowie fan, and so I've been playing a bit of poke the bear this week by arguing that I much prefer Nirvana's unplugged version of Man Who Sold the World, rather than the great man's original recording (which is true). It made me wonder, are there...
  15. MedwayModernist


    Just wondering how good this lad actually is, and how well he's played so far? Don't get to too many games now, but seems like people are raving about him. Is he a raw pace type player? Bit more refined? Sounds like a great steal again from Charlton (which is always good for me given how...
  16. MedwayModernist

    Getting nervous yet?

    Been clock watching since pretty much 11am this morning. Stories of early rush hours expected on the roads on the BBC, and trying to wangle an early leave from the office (someone's managed to snag 4pm because of "childcare" issues). Getting rather nervous for it now. I had thought it would...
  17. MedwayModernist

    Kent CCC (NG/O)

    Just the cheeky 346 win over 2016 county champions Middlesex this week in D2, which can't be bad in the run up to the Lord's final on Sunday. Grant Stewart enjoyed a truly amazing couple of days, got his first pfeiffer with 6-22 odd in the first inns, then hit a ton from 70 balls batting at...
  18. MedwayModernist

    Best Gills Goal you saw live

    Given the sheer state of the two worldies scored at the weekend, I thought it'd be a laugh to actually get some chat about goals going that we've scored. Feel free to add any below, but the one rule is you have to have seen them live to vote for them. I didn't see either Wilko or Martin's...
  19. MedwayModernist

    Roasting hot...

    No really! Freezing cold outside on the (awful) commute in to London this morning, get to my offices in Baker St, and they've turned the heating on people are fanning themselves down with notepads... BBC have an article online this morning about when is it too cold to be in the office...
  20. MedwayModernist

    BBC Confirming Westley agrees contract - link included