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  1. moonay

    Some things never change ...

    ... and it's unlikely that the Mudhutter will change much when it returns in August.
  2. moonay

    For the "older" fans ..... ie all of you !

    A lovely read ..... and not that long actually.
  3. moonay

    "Years ahead of their time"

    A nice little read ...... looks like it's going to be the first in a series ...
  4. moonay

    Apropos of nothing or no-one in particular ...

    :LOL::LOL::LOL: From that nasty, vicious, hateful twitter .....
  5. moonay

    Retained & Released:

    I can't say there are too many surprises ... maybe that Gardner didn't get an offer. Also, in the U18s that Brown and Snell have both been released. I thought they were highly thought of.
  6. moonay

    The best player ever to play for Wigan Athletic?

    In terms of playing longest at the highest standard, probably this mon ? .................. Thanks for the memories Antonio
  7. moonay

    U23s v Sheff Utd stream

    ... if anyone wants it. Playing well. Aasgard and Joseph playing
  8. moonay

    Happy Sir Ben Watson day

    Though it may make the room a little dusty, these are two lovely reads. From programme and Mudhutter contributor, Tony Topping .... From his wife's cousin's husband (or summat like that), posted by George Chilvers on...
  9. moonay

    Gone for a song vs Gone for a Burton

    (Copied from the other thread:) I'm actually dreading the game on saturday right now. It's almost as if it's a punishment we feel obliged to put ourselves through. When we were losing, and only had hope to cling to, then a loss (being inevitable) wasn't so hard to take. Right now, being so...
  10. moonay

    Shrews vs Shrewd.

    Nervous? Yep. Confident? Yep. They've lost their last couple while we've had a treble of triumphs. I can't see any reason why either sequence won't continue ... though that said, never being one to count my chickens, I wouldn't be too disappointed with a draw. Our (shrewdly bought) trio of...
  11. moonay

    Choi, Au Yeung, or the Admins - who's the target?

    To save polluting the New Era thread with politics stuff, I thought it best to post this here ...this reads as if big Gerald and prickly Paul might not be the primary focus of Ms Nandy's ire this afternoon.
  12. moonay

    Interview with Caroline Molyneux (SC Chair)

    I'm only part way though, but this is excellent. Well worth your time
  13. moonay

    Posh vs Pish

    Won their last 5, scoring 3 goals in each of the last 3, .......... only one result, isn't there? Away win.
  14. moonay

    A little context from outside the camp ...

    Just as a way of helping to further set expectations, and keep them reasonable .......
  15. moonay

    Deep breath in ........ hold it .......and ..... breathe out.

    Third 5 baht reverse, at home, this season. Kinell ! I don't think even our most pessimistic supporter (and bugger me, there's sometimes a fair old tussle for that award !) would have had that on the cards ...... even in this shitty bastard of a season. Thing is, despite all that, we're...
  16. moonay

    The "U"s vs the "W"s

    The "U"s? The bloody "U"s???!!! Yep. That's their nickname. That, along with the (slightly less interesting) "Yellows". Oxford eh! I thought they'd have been a little more creative. Any road, I'm sticking to the science again. Given the obvious relationship, I'm going for a win to us...
  17. moonay

    Ger sweeze Shaun, ate ger jeway la rugbeh !

    Good on him for having a crack at learning the language, .......... but this is still very funny. :grinning:
  18. moonay

    Oh Jimmy, Jimmy .....

    ..... Jimmy Jimmy Jimmy Jimmy Anderson. Surely it's going to be Sir Jimmy. no need to wait until he's finished playing. Get it done at the first opportunity.
  19. moonay

    The Cobblers vs Load o' Cobblers

    Usually, I always shoot from the heart on predictions ............ I'm never sure why a fan would ever do anything else. However, tonight is different. I'm going off science. Their last 5 games have gone D, L, D, L, D ........... coupled with the fact that we can reverse the usual "oh shit...
  20. moonay

    Now this is how to do comms ...

    ...with a difference. Every credit.