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  1. Baghdad_Rob

    Christmas 2021 - Official Thread

    So what plans have people made for Christmas? Wait? Too soon? Still need to process and analysis the last results and the performance of your family whose presents were wide of the goal?
  2. Baghdad_Rob

    Question for those into "Affirmative Action"

    I doubt any of you are playing too closely to localised politics in the US, but California are currently voting on this following bill: The main summary point is: In essence, if it passes and...
  3. Baghdad_Rob

    Clearly Evans is over optimistic of Gillingham's pulling power.

    If this article is correct: "Hands Off" I just love the idea of issuing a "Hands off" as if we are Barcelona trying to steal their star player. Still nice to see Evans is ambitious even if he is chasing targets clearly out of our league.
  4. Baghdad_Rob

    Derek Stillie

    I see our former keeper is standing for election at the next general election in a seat currently held by the SNP. If he gets elected, I'm sure he'll be a safe pair of hands in the role.
  5. Baghdad_Rob

    Gillingham sign

    Do you have a favourite sign?
  6. Baghdad_Rob

    iFollow subscription

    So I paid for my annual subscription last season on the 4th August to coincide with the new season. Just got an email saying they will auto-renew the service on the 1St July as my subscription runs out early July and not the 3rd August. Anyone else with iFollow subscription who paid for an...
  7. Baghdad_Rob

    Wayne's match report

    Shit! No-one deserves more than a four and Eaves can't be scored because he got absolutely no service. Shit happens and we've got to get over it.
  8. Baghdad_Rob

    Now that Wilkinson has gone

    could I check as to who is now officially our weakest player? Wayne's match report was too vague to determine who was at fault for the defeat.
  9. Baghdad_Rob

    PC gone mad again

    I really must update my anti-virus and stop visiting dodgy websites.
  10. Baghdad_Rob

    Derek Hales

    According to his Wikipedia page he works for the Howard school. Is this currently or previously true?
  11. Baghdad_Rob

    Harry Kane

    "Harry Kane is so prolific that he is able to score without touching the ball.' Amusing joke or bullying worthy of a public apology and a loss of job?
  12. Baghdad_Rob

    What we really need now is

    for the manager to be sacked and for Lovell to come in as caretaker manager to give us that boost he normally gives. Oh wait, buggar :slap:
  13. Baghdad_Rob

    An important question for the site admin

    :scoot::cowboy::police::tank::red: So where is the construction worker smilie? This site is so homophobic.
  14. Baghdad_Rob

    If you prefer the old site

    then it is still up and functioning at There is probably a redirect code to automatically move you over to here that isn't working for all. As the web address is different then you might need to update your bookmark...
  15. Baghdad_Rob

    You might want to go into your account

    and in the preferences detick the boxes which says will send you a helpful e-mail if someone responds quoting you, mentions you and such.
  16. Baghdad_Rob

    Well for once the ticket office has peed me off

    This morning circumstances meant I wasn't going to be able to make it to this afternoon's match so I ran the club to ask for a ticket exchange so that a friend could use my ST seat instead. I was told I couldn't exchange my seat unless I turned up with my season ticket so that they could remove...