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    Fat lad

    Looks like he owes the Belgium gov 700 million,good good.
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    Christ we all doomed

    Never mind Ashley, Boris is gunna stitch us all up.He was a joke under pressure tonight from Andrew Marr.
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    Chronicle needs put to sleep
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    Mackems ffs

    You couldnt make it up, the start as the stadium of shite just now lol. :4:
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    Feckin mugs that spunk their money over to fatty must be chuffed to bits. reap what yas sow lads carry on carrying on ya thick twats.
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    Another record for us

    27 year since we went out at this stage lol.bring it on fatty you loathsome sloth. :jhang:
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    My return to SJP

    Well its been 8 year since i walked away and vowed never to return under fat mans ownership. but i will be back in November as the wife has bought me a book signining with Andy McNab and the release of his new book in bar 9 or something like that. :10:
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    Bobbys book

    As had the hard copy for a few year now but never got round to reading it right through. just downloaded it from amazon as an audio book,feck me it's bob himself speaking all about his life.bloke has a warmth and friendly tone all the way through.
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    computer shops

    What a pack of robbing twats they a 4 year old laptop thats was running slow and full of all sorts of shite making it play up. so i went to 3 local independent shops today to get a price for a complete wipe and to get it back to how it was so to speak. first shop couldn't be arsed but...
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    It's gone up now ffs
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    Looks to me like the rat has left the ship fearing defeat. fecker will blame any loss to some bogus injury he received,if they win watch him enter the pitch at 100mph claiming victory for himself. ******! :rant:
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    There is no mention of Blairs crocodile tears regards the Chilcott report today. perfect government timing yet again with the tennis and football on the same day. :7:
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    fao bruce

    You about mate?
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    Been on gardening leave and a serious lambing period. everyone keeping ok and enjoying the footie. :35:
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    Fair play to them and well done in exposing the corruption and sick slander that has come from the South Yorkshire police force. a police force i found to be the most brutal towards away fans back in the mid 80's. they loved their feckin horses and dogs and many a Geordie took a good truncheon...
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    Has someone died

    LOL :59:
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    Adios cm

    Looks like yas took flight and up there with the bubbles now. Silly feck you turned out to be after all these years. :59:
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    Sums it up

    Cant for the life of me understand why it's took 7 year for some folk to realise it. :y50:
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    Fecks Sake

    League table looks mint tonight lol, best get the flock rounded up as tears are on the way :59: :59: :59:
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    Tonights breaking news

    Seems loads of peers and tory mp's have been exposed regards offshore accounts they didn't realise they had lol. :59: :59: :59: