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  1. gator

    Royal Ascot

    Five days of sheer bliss however word of caution when making your picks give serious consideration to the soft ground a lot horses will hate it. The one upside of not working anymore is the fact not only do I get to watch all these great sporting events but I also have more time to study the...
  2. gator

    Bloody Sunday arrest

    So they have arrested an ex Para 43 years on but they have already ended the pursuit of the Birmingham bombers which happened 41 years ago.Now I'm not saying the Para's are innocent because there was a cloak of secrecy about the whole incident but why do the families of the victims of the...
  3. gator

    A brilliant scam be aware

    Had a email this morning which supposedly came from my cousin which looks like a fantastic opportunity it really is very good but my cousin didn't send it they must have accessed my inbox and plucked his name.Anyway it's Career Journal UK and you download searchingprofits obviously putting your...
  4. gator

    A bit of a dilemma

    Almost four year ago I had a very serious accident at work which resulted in chopping my calf off smashing my ankle which is still broke and severing the nerve for one side of my leg just below my knee so the left side of my leg and foot below my knee is completely numb. So obviously has the...
  5. gator

    Johnny Haynes

    Just wondering if anyone can remember a lad of this name who came from Perry Barr who drank in the Crown&Cushion he was quite a big lad who always travelled on the official supporters club.He would be in his fifties now why i'm asking is I have just been on some Villa facebook account and...
  6. gator

    Have a bostin wickend

    Like to wish all my fellow Black Country Villans a bostin wickend for the first official Black Country wickend and the first official Black Country day on Monday.So faggots and paes washed down with a few real Black Country ales yow cor beat it. So you see Ian us yam yam's are doing fine on...
  7. gator

    Greater Birmingham not on your nellie

    There are proposals by a bunch of entrepreneurs to turn the Black Country into Greater Birmingham to create more business for the West Midlands area.Now as a Black Country lad I find this quite insulting and totally unacceptable.Us Black Country lads spend a lifetime explaining to outsiders that...
  8. gator

    I knew your eyes were bad Clive but ffs
  9. gator

    Sunny Beach

    Watching this on channel 4 about the holiday reps in Bulgaria don't normally watch this sort of crap but just watched some idiot put a banger up his arse and light it.Funniest thing I have ever seen blew his arse to bits was crying laughing.
  10. gator

    Cards on the table

    Now iv'e been a bit of a boy in my time I have lost my liberty three times.I moved up South Shields about 24 years ago and by fuck the north east is a hard place it really is.But I made my mark up here and there's one thing the geordies appreciate is people who stand up for themselves and I...
  11. gator

    Are you a Psychopath

    Watching the channel 4 programme tonight has been absolutely fascinating and unless you know all about psychopathy then you would be really surprised who are actually psychopath's.There is a test you can take sorry but don't how to do links at now just because you...
  12. gator

    Happy birthday holtelower

    There just for you :35:
  13. gator

    A P Mccoy

    Just watched him ride his 4000th winner never had a penny on him but I screamed the house down in a thrilling finish.Truly an absolute legend best jockey ever.
  14. gator

    Man kills himself wife and daughter in Spain

    Don't know how to do links or whatever they are but I'm sure you know what story i'm talking about.Anyway normally something like this would get me raging but for once I actually feel sorry for the guy and can't say I would have done the same myself but I can understand his actions.Poor bloke...
  15. gator

    Froch v Kessler

    Stopped off the drink today so I can watch this tonight been looking forward to this for ages going out shortly COME ON CARL
  16. gator

    What do you do

    I find this hard to talk about but i feel i have to because i'm going fucking mad.My daughter is living with us and moved her girfriend in (yes girlfriend)what the fuck do i do.I love her to bits but i wanted grand kids off her i'm gutted but do i put up with it or fuck her lover off which is...
  17. gator

    Are the authorities bent or not

    Now I say this as a victim or a deserved victim of circumstances.My daughter and her husband and my grand kids got turned over last weekend for the only reason my son in law sat with me a couple of times in a pub in the presence of well known drug dealers who I happen to know.Now i'm no angel my...