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  1. Mahatmafoot

    27.27% of England players..... end of game Blades fans.
  2. Mahatmafoot

    Gareth Sings

    Never realised Gareth used to be a singer.
  3. Mahatmafoot

    Sad day at BDBL

    Nope I don't mean the sad departure of Lundstram but saying goodbye to Jags and Moore. Two Blades who will always be welcome back.
  4. Mahatmafoot

    Baldock to Celtic

    Not too bothered as long as we get a good fee. At least the £5 million the Pigs are asking for Windarse. Think we have cover and he hasn't been at his best recently.
  5. Mahatmafoot

    The DoubleTree by Hilton

    Nice to know the Lane hotel will be back in use with a prestigious name. Still the Pigs have Bert's Bed and Breakfast near the Sty as a competitor. Amazing that as a kid everything the Pigs did in all aspects of ground and club was miles better than anything we ever got. Never thought at the...
  6. Mahatmafoot


    ...on back of new first team strip.
  7. Mahatmafoot


    Just watching Speedway at Wolverhampton on Euro. Blades shirt in crowd.
  8. Mahatmafoot

    Johnson Clarke Harris

    Examiner says we will have to offload if we want to sign above. 20000+ season tickets, parachute payments etc. WTF goes on.
  9. Mahatmafoot

    Okay I know I shouldn't but.....

    ..... picture of Pigs getting pitch ready for Div 1.
  10. Mahatmafoot

    Ban The Beano

    Snowflake patrol have decided after nearly 70 years to change Fatty from Bash St Kids to Freddy so as not to offend young overweight, slobs. Last time I buy it.
  11. Mahatmafoot

    26th APRIL 1963 7.30

    Sir Len and Bernard Shaw walked out on the pitch to make their debuts against Leyton Orient in a 2 - 0 win. Never realised that Len would become the Rolls Royce of right backs which he became. Unbelievably never won a full cap. I was on the Lane End for that game. If you never saw him believe...
  12. Mahatmafoot

    Adam Reach

    Would be worth a punt now he's left the Pigs, depending on wages.
  13. Mahatmafoot

    FA Cup Final....

    ...and I don't give a toss. Just become another mundane game.
  14. Mahatmafoot

    Dear Mr Bettis......

    .....please come out and admit you have a Short List of 1. Please don't take us for idiots that we don't know you're going to make a horrendous blunder.
  15. Mahatmafoot

    Short List

    Now whittled down to 4. Can Bettis scrap it and add a couple more names to another list, like Wilder. If it's Hecky then it will be a major betrayal to the club and fans.
  16. Mahatmafoot

    Yorkshire Live

    "Slavisa Jokanovic not among names forming United's five-man shortlist" "Slavisa Jokanovic is among the favourites with the bookies but is not one of the names on United's shortlist" Quotes from Nathan Hemmingham today.
  17. Mahatmafoot

    Didsy.... he one of our best ever buys?
  18. Mahatmafoot

    Chris Speaks Out
  19. Mahatmafoot

    Good thinking from The Prince

    Referencing his “35 years” of involvement in sport, Prince Abdullah said: “I also learned that (it’s) always better that the recruitment should be a club owned process, it shouldn’t be left to the coaches. “Coaches come and go and then if it’s not a club owned policy, as I say it will lead to...
  20. Mahatmafoot


    ....played second half for Norway. Think he'll be back against Weeds?