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  1. Longshortandtall

    New backroom team

    Good appointments Cesarini was with SJ at both Watford and Fulham.
  2. Longshortandtall

    Hillsborough 32nd Anniversary

    32 years ago to-day 96 football fans came to our city and didn't return home. RIP not to be forgotten. The death trap on Leppings Lane is still standing. SWFC re branded themselves the next year and so avoided any future liabilities, yet the stain of what transpired that day still hangs over...
  3. Longshortandtall

    RIP Murphy the Blade

    Haven't posted for a while as 95 year old Dad has been ill with Covid. Not been following football much recently. Just as Dad beats the odds and recovers after a difficult few weeks I lose my best mate Murphy my 13 year old Westie dog yesterday. Murphy came into this world when we were...
  4. Longshortandtall

    Wilder after match thoughts today Good news is he's identified a replacement for JOC hopefully he will be provided with the funds to bring him in. Also says not interested in Sturridge.
  5. Longshortandtall

    Virtual Fans Forum

    On tonight at 7 pm for anyone interested.
  6. Longshortandtall


    Rumours surfacing on s24su that JOC is out injured. Really hope not as the alternatives are not great.
  7. Longshortandtall

    Fixture changes More messing around for television. Suppose we've got to get used to it but Saturdays at 3 pm are dwindling in number. At least they've left Boxing Day alone.
  8. Longshortandtall

    Palace tickets

    First Home game of season and it looks like its going to be expensive if you've not got a season ticket. £35 is the cheapest ticket on the Kop. £37 for BLUT and Westfield Corner. No reference to Category of game in announcement so could be more for the likes of Man U...
  9. Longshortandtall

    Mark Duffy

    Rumours circulating that the reason he wasn't playing on Saturday is that he's not been offered a new contract and can look for a new Club if he wants. Someone on S24 su saying the contract has been already terminated by mutual consent. Absolutely gutted if true. The one player who knows how to...
  10. Longshortandtall

    Burton Albion v Blades Friendly

    0-1 Sharp after 33 minutes.
  11. Longshortandtall

    Rob Dorset Tweet

    Makes West Brom fans p*ss themselves laughing at suggestion WBA after CW for manager. Some quality replies.
  12. Longshortandtall

    Prince v KM in Court Posted for anyone who wants to keep up to date on the Hearing. Good summary of the mornings events so far.
  13. Longshortandtall

    Pig Tickets away

    £3 discount from last year only £39. They've downgraded to a Category B desperate to sell to their own. Still means some tickets are £46 in the ground. 2,305 same allocation as last year so looks like Upper Stand rust bucket again.
  14. Longshortandtall

    RIP Vicky Orvice

    Journalist Blades supporter has passed away at the ridiculous early age of 56. RIP Vicky fellow Blade.
  15. Longshortandtall

    Mings the unmerciless

    If he's playing against us on Friday suggest all our forwards wear masks. At best theres an argument he's the clumsiest footballer in the EFL. The fact he looks down at the player and still has a fully extended leg when he makes contact with the Reading players face doesn't help the view that it...
  16. Longshortandtall

    Keith Stroud

    Consistent with the shite referees down at BDTBL over the last few home games we have the dubious honour of Keith Strouds presence tomorrow for the first time this season. Hopefully he'll be his usual incompetent self which will get the crowd going.
  17. Longshortandtall

    Student Road Block tomorrow

    Metalblade on S24su just posted there is another open day for Sheffield Hallam students tomorrow on match day so if you're travelling by car set off earlier than usual. Parkway is likely to be a car park if past experience is anything to go by and area around Granville Road/ St Marys gate...
  18. Longshortandtall

    Holmes to the Gills

    Ricky Holmes signed till the end of the season. Thought he was injured thats why he'd come back from Oxford?
  19. Longshortandtall

    Beilsa resigning?

    Rumours circulating over spy gate. Called impromptu press conference for 5 pm. Weeds fans worried Pigs even more so as they fear it will help our promotion cause. He does have a history of walking out. Interesting to see what happens...
  20. Longshortandtall

    Karanka gone

    Unlikely CW is in the frame for this whereas with Stoke he was definitely in the owners minds. Bizarre decision from a barmy owner, not many will want to work for him. Clough is higher in the betting than CW...