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    Gills v Charlton 1976

    With apologies if it's been mentioned on here before, but if you search THE BIGMATCH REVISITED on the Sky TV platform. then the Gills Charlton game is featured on one of the downloadable shows. [ series 4 episode 2 ] I assume it'll be on the ITV4 player as well.
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    Derek Bellotti

    I notice Italy have an Andrea Bellotti on the bench tonight. I wonder if he's any relation to a goalie we had who sometimes used to give the great Johnny Simpson a run for his money. In particular, I recall Derek Bellotti playing a blinder at Highbury in a 1-1 draw with Arsenal in a league cup...
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    Well done Brentford

    ................ in making the play off finals. Been supporting The Gills since the mid 50's ( yes I am that old ) and it's great to see Brentford just one game away from The Premier League. I always used to view Brentford as as almost a local derby in the bottom two divisions .............. but...
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    Gills v Charlton 1974

    It any of you get BTSports 3, then 7am next Monday has an edition of The Big Match from 1974, featuring Gills v Charlton
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    Dennis Bailey

    It's not often we sign a striker who had scored a premier league hat trick for the away side at Old Trafford just 3 years previously. As I recall, Dennis Bailey was a skillful player, but never really made the headlines I was hoping for with us.
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    Home and Away

    Easy to say, but had our home record been 12.4.7 [ which in itself is not particularly outstanding ] instead of 7.4.12, then we'd have been challenging for the play-offs. Our home form was inconsistent throughout the season, and that's where SL went wrong. The tactics never seemed to change.
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    Female football.

    Maybe it's me living alone in a bygone age, but I just can't get enthusiastic about football played by females, even if they are representing top Premier League clubs. Also, female commentators and/or presenters leave me cold. Yes, most are very knowledgeable, but somehow their voice doesn't...
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    Wembley 1999

    At the risk of repeating what may already have been posted on here ( and on the assumption that anyone can hear to see it ) then I notice 15 mins of highlights (?) of the Man City game is available on the Sky Sports player.
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    Goal line technology ........

    ....... is needed in the lower leagues. That was clearly over the line, but neither the ref nor lino had the guts to say so. We were undone by ( sorry to his fans ) yet another Holy mistake, in a game where we had the best of the few clear openings available to either side.
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    Another one bites the dust.

    Rodney Green. An old fashioned get stuck in type of centre forward from the 60's, whom as I recall had a pretty good scoring record in the time he was at Priestfield. Thanks Rodney.
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    Same goal, but 2 versions

    According to Gills official site, Lee Martin ......"bent a wicked, dipping shot past a despairing Bond from 30 yards" ..... whereas on the Peterborough site, that same goal is stated as ..... " an ambitious effort from fully 30-yards crept into the back of the net via the inside of the post." I...
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    John Arnott

    I note a story on GIllsconnect that John Arnott died recently. You have to be of a certain vintage to remember this player, but he was most certainly a key member of the defence which conceded just 30 goals throughout the 1963/64 season, when we were promoted to the old 3rd division. Indeed...
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    Manager is confident.??

    AP says he is ''confident'' that we will not be relegated. Not sure if he meant that in terms of us winning at Northampton though. Probably more likely what he meant to say was that he was ''confident'' of a Fleetwood win on Sunday
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    Vote of confidence???

    It would seem that AP has made his usual weekly comment about how confident he is that we will avoid relegation. Sorry, but to me these utterances are getting to sound like the dreaded vote of confidence a chairman will often make when his club is doing badly.
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    Managerial excuse ??

    '' Gillingham has always been a very tough place to go '' says Graham Alexander. That's the hackneyed excuse trolled out by many a manager nearly every week .................... but usually only AFTER a game they were expected to win. COYG !!
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    Scunthorpe losing it ??

    With 3 draws and 4 defeats in their last 7 league games, I'm beginning are going to emulate us from last season .................................. ie. running totally out of steam come the last 15 or so games, and not even making the play offs after being in an automatic promotion spot for most...