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    Pep finds time to help a Pub team

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    As you tuck into your Turkey spare a thought for Fat Sam & Co, will they get another job?
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    Nice take on the International break by David Crook
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    Sunday Mail article, worth a read.
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    City 13 month period financial results

    pedrocity5, Manchester, United Kingdom, about an hour ago Magnificent owners who have invested their own money into MCFC, Manchester and Mancunians. They have built City into a one of the top 5 clubs in the world but have also put money into East Manchester by building thousands of affordable...
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    A talent lost, Stephen Ireland

    Stephen Ireland made a myriad of mistakes during his career and now out of his last chance 3yr contract with Stoke will probably never get another one after his last major injury. This piece by Paul Fennessy chronicles the career of a player who had it all, but some how never fulfilled his...
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    Being an agent

    An excellent article by Dean Jones re City player George Swan and having a real go at a new role. Love what he says re Kun & Merlin.
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    BBC Sport report on Youth ban and fine
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    Video replays to get it right.

    This friendly between two football super powers overturns two decisions, which would have affected the result. Take a look and decide for yourself...
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    Is Peter Reid correct about Rodwell in this Mirror article?
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    Robot Shrek is not enjoying his football in the Fail!
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    Not worth it at half price?
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    So what should the rules be to play for England then.

    Article written by Tom Fordyce Chief sports writer, BBC Sport Patriotism: When is a Briton not a Briton? There was disquiet across the land: a British team, winning Olympic gold, with more than half its members having grown up thousands of miles away. The year? 1936. And while the story...