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  1. Southern red

    Euro dreamteam league

    If anyone wants to jump in
  2. Southern red

    Swansea game

    Not sure if you know but we are live on Saturday on BBC Wales ch998 I think
  3. Southern red

    Derby sack cocu

    Shame lol
  4. Southern red

    Sun dreamteam if anyone is interested

    Just for laughs League pin sgrwd5lp
  5. Southern red

    FFP 20/21

    im not really up on it all, but with this years accounts adding to next...will that help or hinder us?
  6. Southern red

    Stocks and making money

    im not a genius by any stretch and only really made money on bitcoin when I bought them at £150 and sold them at the high of £12k but if anyone is interested and follows these things I would advise to look at NKLA, bought them last month at £24 and they are now over £60 interesting company and...
  7. Southern red

    Reservoir red dogs

    I’m assuming some of you guys listen to this podcast? I can’t seem to find any episodes after I doing something wrong or is that the case?
  8. Southern red

    Macron softshell jacket

    Anyone got one? I’m usually an xl or xxl at a push Looking at macron sizes I have to go 4xxl!! Just wondered if anyone had one and the fit?
  9. Southern red

    Spurs sack potch

  10. Southern red

    Gillett wants to buy derby

    arent these the guys who mullered liverpool lol lets hope they continue their trend
  11. Southern red

    Sun dreamteam league

    That time agsin League is called sarri not sarri SGELNPC4 is pin
  12. Southern red

    Keane left

    Well it just gets better and better...rumours of ameobi and now this
  13. Southern red

    Andy Reid on talksport

    Saying we had a bunch of foreign lads at forest who didn’t want to get involved, ignored coaching and tactics and kept in their clique Abdoun/djebbour?
  14. Southern red

    Any gamers on here

    anyone looking to get Division 2? and I play Battlefield 5 on ps4 if anyone has it
  15. Southern red

    Forest Flags

    Morning all bit bored on a monday morning, and was just wondering and gauging opinion if I knock up some forest flags at work...would anyone be interested? I was thinking a 1m x 2m standard flag...but could do bigger if people wanted any takers just message me and I will see if its worth a...
  16. Southern red

    Norwich game

    Is this ref going to red card any of these off their feet tackles? Stieperman deffo should have walked
  17. Southern red

    Forest flags

    extremely happy and proud to have gained business from our club and you should see some rather large flags at matches soon :)
  18. Southern red

    Sun Dreamteam---again

    if any of you fancy it, I have set up a league League PIN SGZ9LL4C
  19. Southern red


    not sure if anyone is interested for business etc I am working on the business development side for a printing/signs company and we have a great line in feather flags/banners as Forest fans I will also hook you up price wise :) SR
  20. Southern red

    Youngster to united

    Apparently according to our resident office Man U fan, they are after one of our 16/17 year olds? As he won’t be pro contract is that for peanuts?