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  1. impede

    Eating meat is immoral

    It cannot be morally justifiable Discuss
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    Le Tour

    Well that was a cracking stage 1 and an excellent win for Julian Alaphillippe to be the first French man to wear yellow after stage 1 in 20 years. Two massive crashes and Geraint Thomas managed to stay rubber side down.
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    Any news on new kits? (Confirmed Reveal Friday 9AM)

    Thread title says it all really
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    Latest SB Meeting: Imps Turn Down Gambling Partner - Thoughts? - Posts That Don't Belong On 100% Imps!

    The fact that BoJo has taken a bounce in the polls following him having CV19 says it all. The fact that thousands are going to die because of the policy of herd immunity, the fact that the Tories spent ten years degrading the NHS for privatisation so it was completely unprepared, the fact that...
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    Snog, Marry, Avoid

    Need a new neutrally titled thread for management vacancies that may or may not interest the Cowlies as the WBA one is to club specific. So Dull, snog, marry, avoid?
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    Zebra Finance

    How does getting a discount for unused tickets work if you are applying for finance via Zebra? Or doesn't it?
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    Getting there issues

    Car has just catastrophically failed its MOT. No excuses, it's my own fault; I have meaning to change it all year. I have never hired a car before so tips of who, where and how gratefully received.
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    Splash advert on mobile

    How is this site remotely usable when this is what see?
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    Splash advert on mobile

    How is this site remotely usable when this is what see?
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    Richard Osman

    Big shout out from the big man for the Imps on tonight SPOTY show
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    Hope & Glory

    Who the oompah came up with that utterly naff name for Saturday sport on Radio Lincs? It's poo.
  12. impede

    Margetts to Alex

    Gone to Crewe on loan apparently
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    Now I know this is not raising funds for Lincoln City Football Club but maybe, just maybe, one or two of you might even think this is more important. Anyway, this is my 15 year old daughter who is an Imp and has a season ticket but is struggling to find time (and sometimes inclination) to get...
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    Anybody know why he is not wearing this year's shirt?
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    Summer platitudes

    How about a collection of platitudes from managers and players to wile away the summer. Alternatively, just led the thread sink unitl it falls of page 1 and is never seen again. This inspired me; "Courtney Wildin wants to kick-start his career with Boston United." and then there was also...
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    Beevor Street
  17. impede

    Jon Nolan

    Looks like he is on his way back. Wonder why Wrexham don't want him. :wtf:
  18. impede

    Interesting and for once believable Daily Hate article