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    Hippo Heed

    His arrogance is incredible, he puts himself in the same bracket as Fergie and Jose!  The change in the Hammers football is down to him and some 4 year plan and not being told to by the board and a result of Sherringham and the board buying the players.    The comments are good as...
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    Have A Look Good Read Sorry if it's on here somewhere already.
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    Marriner/Arse/Sky Team

    Ok so Mariner is obviously blind and sent off the wrong player. Fairs, fair they do make mistakes, haven't got a problem with that. However, can somebody explain to me why the FA rescind Gibbs red card but then don't give it to Oxlade-Chamberlain? Blatant, deliberate hand ball on the line was...
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    One Born Every Minute

    Why do they have this shit on the tv? The wife loves it, needless to say I hate it. Being there at the birth of my own two was enough thanks. Very much of the opinion father should be at the pub while they are giving birth!
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    FAO TNMW -

    Toony, is linking to some domain registering site rather than coming through to here. Has been for a couple of days, having to come through via at the mo.
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    Hippo Head

    For amusment purposes: Fat lot of use his millions of sports scientists are, as they can't stop the worst injury list ever. Did this not happen when he was at...
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    Shouldn't feel like this

    What has Fatty done to supporting this club and the supporters? I'm disappointed because they won, am I the only one that feels this way?
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    Auld Whiskey Nose Retires

    Moyes favourite to replace him. Moyes?