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  1. Chronic

    Door Deals to ruin another kit Sound. More money saved for me.
  2. Chronic

    Jake Cooper

    Go and get him. As close to a 'must sign' as I can see this summer. It was the case before this latest shit sandwich we've been fed with JOC, it certainly is now. He ticks every box. Physicality Aerial dominance Left footed Set piece threat Ability on the ball Can play CB or LCB Back 3 or...
  3. Chronic

    O'Connell out for another 10 months

    Is anyone surprised? Really is shit this, in every way. So harsh. So costly. The way it happened. The way it's been handled. I'm sure a lot of finger pointing has already gone on and is probably a big reason the previous medical team have been removed. He needs replacing. As if we didn't...
  4. Chronic

    Wilder / West Brom

    Seems that they've rejected him :ROFLMAO: Look set to appoint David Wagner instead. Firstly, that's great for our promotion prospects. WBA will likely be considerably weaker than they might've been. Secondly, it's great to see Wilder's entitled, petulant brat routine last season coming back...
  5. Chronic

    Euro 2020 thread

    Or Euro 2021. I fancy Italy or Portugal to win. Fuck England, fuck Southgate, fuck 'the knee'. Come on Ukraine, come on Poland, come on Russia. Just hope the tournament has something resembling a proper atmosphere to it, with crowds more like what we're seeing in Russia and Ukraine recently...
  6. Chronic

    Could Sharp leave?

    Just speculating here, but could it be time? He might see Jebbison coming through in addition to having other young CFs in McBurnie and Brewster, and think it's time to step aside. He's given it everything for the last 3 seasons to keep surpassing himself and defying expectations. It must have...
  7. Chronic

    Joe Rothwell

    Now linked with us! Pleasing to see. An absolutely key transfer target in my mind. Exactly the type of player we need and should be looking at. A technical, attacking player who covers a...
  8. Chronic

    Possible ITK info posted on Reddit

    My first thought there, is to sell Egan for whatever we can get for him. But why the hell would he be the highest earner? Plenty of believable stuff in there. What a fucking surprise that money would be the key factor behind a divide.
  9. Chronic

    Put Tindall in charge for the rest of the season

    If we're not appointing a manager in that time. That cowardly, pathetic little weasel Heckingbottom can't be allowed to stay in charge a day longer. In fact he shouldn't be allowed to stay at the club. Tindall would actually have a point to prove, a hunger to take the opportunity and do well...
  10. Chronic

    McBurnie to Wolves for £15m

    Says Alan Nixon! Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha Just can't believe that. But it would be about right for us to sell him just before he can actually be of value to us on the pitch. Any offer like that though would have to be accepted...
  11. Chronic

    Wilder - stubborn, egotistical, greedy bastard

    No convincing me otherwise. He clearly engineered his own departure like a real brat. Nothing can take away the great things he's done for the club but he's an arsehole and leaves on bad terms. You know what, I'm actually glad he's gone. His next job will reveal just how good he really is.
  12. Chronic

    Fleck 'rushed to hospital' on Saturday

    Says Wilder, after tonight's game. Unspecified illness. Fingers well and truly crossed that it's nothing serious and he's OK. Even if he can't play again this season. Blades legend.
  13. Chronic

    Norwood - f*cking joke player

    Costs us YET AGAIN with his usual casual, complacent, sloppy play and his total inability to run. He's an embarrassment of a player at this level. As the deepest lying midfielder he's totally inadequate because he's so irresponsible and seems to be far too much of a confidence player. Don't...
  14. Chronic

    Team v Bristol City

    Ramsdale Basham Egan Ampadu Bogle Lundstram Fleck Osborn McGoldrick Brewster McBurnie If something like that isn't worth a go in this game I don't know when it will be. That could be our Championship team aside from Lundstram and Ampadu. So it would also be interesting to measure up against a...
  15. Chronic

    Kean Bryan is great...

    ... at causing goalkeepers head injuries.
  16. Chronic

    Team v Man City

    Fumblesdale Baldock Basham Egan Ampadu Bogle Lundstram Norwood Fleck Burke McGoldrick I reckon that's the best we can muster. Hope for another miracle. No doubt about the front two for me. They're our first choice.
  17. Chronic

    Team v Plymouth

    Got to balance going through with keeping fresh for the next two horrible fixtures so we can hopefully avoid embarrassment. Ramsdale Basham Jags:sick: Stevens Bogle Ampadu Fleck Lowe McGoldrick Brewster Mousset
  18. Chronic

    Norwood - f*cking pathetic

    Again. Get rid, move on.
  19. Chronic

    Will we smash Derby's record?

    It's all we've got to play for this season. I really hope we don't...... I think we might just scrape 12 points.
  20. Chronic

    Team v Burnley

    Ramsdale Basham Egan Stevens Baldock Ampadu Fleck Osborn McGoldrick Burke Brewster And let's actually have the forwards play as forwards.