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  1. OurGert

    The Blades ( Finishing position this season )

    Just a bit of bollox ... let’s have yer predictions..... just the number 1-24 Nailed on 3
  2. OurGert

    A favour please fellow Blades

    not money but could you please like follow share this FB link please. mods delete this if not allowed etc
  3. OurGert

    Final decision?

    On new manager appointment? and are they qualified to make the appointment?
  4. OurGert

    DOF appointed at BDTBL.

    Link below: A P R I L F O O L Got yer !
  5. OurGert

    How bent is the UK ?

    I watched a few of this guys videos.......... I’d say bent as a nine bob note to the thread title.
  6. OurGert

    Smash the lot up !

    I reckon we could select a better team off here !
  7. OurGert


    Lets be having yer !
  8. OurGert

    The Prince

    All eyes on yer marra ...........
  9. OurGert

    Next Season Predictions

    Let’s hear em ....... nail yer colours to the mast. Bottom half finish me thinks.
  10. OurGert

    Same Owd out of the grave.

    alive and well.
  11. OurGert

    It still hurts.

    Last time I watched the Blades on tv was the play off game against Wolves....... I promised misen never again...... I’ve seen the ups and downs at BDTBL since the early 60’s but even now it still hurts....... and i’m like a cat on a hot tin roof when we’re playing .... can’t even look for the...
  12. OurGert

    The Greatest Escape.

    We avoid relegation on goal difference with a dubious penalty given in the 15th minute of extra time last game of the season.
  13. OurGert

    I agree

    Coronavirus outbreaks make it 'morally wrong' to continue playing, says Steve Bruce
  14. OurGert

    When does Chris leave?

    Not sacked just walks ......
  15. OurGert

    Merry Christmas Blades !

    Best Blades song ever!
  16. OurGert

    Good luck Blades

    3 points today would be nice.
  17. OurGert

    Wipe the tears way.......

    Chin up tits out ......... the good time will come again and periods like this make you enjoy them more.
  18. OurGert

    Joe Cocker

    Just watching a documentary on him .......... forgot what a great singer he was.
  19. OurGert

    Are we just rubbish ?

    or....... has the mojo gone ? Chris lost the plot ? players not up to it ? Genuine question.
  20. OurGert

    Gert ......

    Don’t wake me up until the bogeyman has gone away.