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    Happy Birthday Pride of Lions.

    Just guessing unless of course Mrs Pride suprised you with a birthday cake for herself. So here goes. Happy Birthday Pride. :105: :125: :141: :156: :126: :126: :55: :7: :8:
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    The all new Cricket Thread

    With the football season now drawing to a close I thought I might start a cricket thread. I know it wont be as interesting as the really interesting threads. So let start it off. Warks have just thrashed Worcs in the latest county championship match by 181 runs. Well done Warks and well...
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    With the NHS such a lively topic at the moment. With all the political parties claiming to be the guardians of it and the question that Farage raised about treating health tourists, it would be good to get the opinions of you guys. So should we have an open door policy and treat everyone who...
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    Farewell "Pride"

    With Pride due to leave us in a couple of days time I thought I would start his own thread just to wish him well for the future. Take good care mate and we will look forward to regular updates and lots more pics. :18:
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    The "CHEESE" Thread.

    In the really interseting thread upthevilla talked about some nice Dutch cheeses which got me thinking. I had cheese and crackers for lunch, just Mild Cathedral, not much bite to be honest. I have got some Red Leicester in the fridge, might have some of that tomorrow. The question is, what...
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    What are you having for dinner?

    Well we have a thread discussing vegans etc so I thought I would start this thread off. Might be ineterseting to see how many people still have the tradional Sunday roast. Me I am having Pork belly with roast spuds, cauli and broccili, bisto gravy and washed down with a nice glass of...
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    Financial Fair Play.

    I know we had a thread on this but cant find it, perhaps Mr Fear will merge it. I have just been reading on the BBC sport website (have tried to do a link and failed) that the Lawyer who represented Bosman starts the case against FFP in The Brussels court of first instance tomorrow, Thursday...
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    Laptop or I Pad?

    I am faced with the prospect of going into hospital for major surgery and will most likely be in for quite sometime. So I am thinking of buying either a laptop or an i pad. Now I dont know anything about them and not really tech minded so would really appreciate some help with this one...
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    Parking near the ground.

    Going to my first game in a very long time so not sure about parking. I know the roads get full up pretty early but what about the car park. Will I need to get there early to get a space. It says on one site I looked at it holds 900 cars. Any ideas guys.
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    Death Penalty. Yes or No.

    Following the trial and todays sentence of life imprisonment for the couple who tortured and starved to death that poor little boy. Also the murder of that young soldier Lee Rigby. These following on from other high profile horrendous crimes, once again raises the question,, should the death...
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    Hairy armpits.

    Last night I was watching Newsnight and Amanda Palmer was being interviewed. Every time she raised her arms I noticed how hairy her armpits were. Is it just me or does any one else think the same, but I dont like to see women with forests growing under their arms. Maybe its just a man thing.
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    Second hand motors.

    I am thinking of changing my car and have been looking at a BMW318i SE2.0 4dr auto. Now I dont know much about beamers so does anyone here own one, what are they like. Have always fancied one but not sure about buying a second hand one. Any advice would be appreciated.
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    Income Tax

    Sat down earlier and worked out that the tax man owes me over £700, so have written him a very nice letter asking for it back. Thats my season ticket sorted. :4: :8: :17:
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    Joke of the day.

    A Portsmouth woman was so depressed she decided to end her life by throwing herself into the sea but just before she was about to do it a handsome young man stopped her. You have so much to live for said the young man, I'm a sailor and tomorrow we are off to Australia. I can stow you away on...
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    IPL, one day cricket at its best.

    Have been watching the ipl, take my mind of the footie for a while. Got to be some of the most exciting cricket being played at the moment. Every day one or two games. loving it.
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    Was'nt sure if I should put this as a new thread or under an old one. I think it might enlighten any ladies that may take the time to read it. We always hear "the rules" from the female side, now here are the rules from the male side. They are all numbered #1 because they are all equally...
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    New Pope elected.

    White smoke has bees seen above the vatican, so either the cleaning lady has lit the fire or the world has a new pope. Not sure what his name is but pretty sure his first name will be Pope.