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  1. Holte139

    Credit cards

    I've got a bit of a dilemma with how to manage my credit and I would appreciate any advice that you guys have! I've had a credit builder card ever since I left uni. The terms were terrible (£500 limit and 34.9% interest) but it was all I could get at the time and I wanted to be sensible and get...
  2. Holte139

    20-21 Vital Villa Fantasy League

    Has one been set up for this year? If it hasn't yet and there's enough interest I would be happy to set one up.
  3. Holte139

    Car insurance

    I want to ask the good people of VV for some advice about my car insurance. Bought my first car in February last year, cheapest quote I could get was £1200. I knew my first year would be expensive but after hearing some horror stories from my mates I was relatively happy with that and went ahead...
  4. Holte139

    The halfway stage

    While I was in a turkey, chocolate and birthday cake-fuelled haze last night, I decided to look at some stats on to see how we were doing. In the threads I've been reading, there seems to be the full range of opinions on here. Either people are optimistic, about where they...
  5. Holte139

    Will WM still broadcast Villa games?

    After the announcement of our new AVTV Live service does anybody know if commentary for our games will still be provided by WM? I've heard that they are but aren't available online due to licensing restrictions? I understand why Villa are charging because they're going to want to invest in a...
  6. Holte139

    What's the best way to learn a language?

    I've become interested in learning a language recently, and I've been researching the ways it might be possible, adult learning courses, doing a GCSE part-time, online DIY courses etc. But I wanted to post this to ask if anyone else has any experience of learning a language late? I think having...
  7. Holte139

    Anyone willing to do a little survey?

    If not, fair enough, but if yes, please read on... A lot of you who follow me on Twitter or are my friends on Facebook will be sick of me going on about this, so if you're one of those people who've seen this before then I apologise unreservedly. As part of this magazine that I'm making, I...