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  1. Costa blade

    GB News

    You have obviously thought this through and taken time to write it, well done and spot on, says it all really. Meanwhile, back to football. Pleased for Rammers, I have been championing him from the beginning pleased he's made the squad for the Euros, I might actually have to watch an England...
  2. Costa blade

    United 1 Burnley 0 - report/pod

    Great report as always DB much appreciated. Missed the last two but your reports are a great way of keeping in touch well done. UTB
  3. Costa blade

    Well, well, how did you know my name is Johnson and i have just finished decorating on a lousy rainy day in Spain. A name that i mentioned ages ago and could still be hanging around, and is still employed (hence no announcement) - John Terry :utv: :mad::mad:
  4. Costa blade

    Spurs 4 United 0 - report and pod

    Great effort DB, I really don't know how you can write an objective report the way we are at the mo' it's shocking stuff to watch, we are going to need a experienced strong manager to sort this lot out. I still think there is an argument for patching things up with Wilder, it would be a first...
  5. Costa blade

    Slaviska Jokanovic the latest

    A very likeable guy, thanks for that, He might just be the man to get everybody back on board.
  6. Costa blade

    She should have married me.

    No's 1, 3, & 4 would do me, any one of them, all three would be a dream - a wet one :bounce::bounce:
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    Our Chris,who thinks he won't be here at BDBL next season

    When our future for next season is mathematically finally resolved that is when we will hear from the Prince and probably Wilder as well. That's my guess anyway.
  8. Costa blade

    Wilder lost dressing room

    Can anybody explain to me why McBurnie & Brewster did so well for Swansea, and what was it that made us buy them, what was the thinking?
  9. Costa blade

    Real Housewives of New York.

    "Fuck me you must be bored" - there's no way i am fucking you :rockon:
  10. Costa blade

    MATCH DAY THREAD : The Mighty Blades v Chelsea

    My bad, I was looking at Fulham
  11. Costa blade

    MATCH DAY THREAD : The Mighty Blades v Chelsea

    No we won't, unless you get 4 points for a win
  12. Costa blade

    6 month

    Surely McGoldrick was MoM, a class or three above anybody on the pitch
  13. Costa blade

    Meanwhile, over at S6.........

    should we be looking at him to take over from Chrissy Wilder 😁😁
  14. Costa blade

    Meanwhile, over at S6.........

    Think about this, the only Sheffield double we might see this season is both clubs relegated!
  15. Costa blade

    Meanwhile, over at S6.........

    I had to read this thread twice!! couldn't believe they had sacked owd Pullis, had to go to to "BBC football" to check if it was true - you couldn't make this stuff up, including our situation!! - maybe they wanted Pullis to live near to the ground and he said f*** that, i'm off - Isn't this...
  16. Costa blade

    John Lundstram - GET THE FUCK OUT OF SUFC

    I think you have just described yourself there.
  17. Costa blade


    Spot on, have a "like" my friend, people on here are blind to the fact that Hendo' at the other end was totally responsible for Didzys first goal, like any goal keeper he will make mistakes especially with our defence leave the kid alone he is fine
  18. Costa blade

    Southampton 3 United 0 - report/pod

    Just got around to reading this but there isn't much more to add, we were truly awful. Having said that let us give credit to Southampton, they were superb in the way they went about their business. All those fans saying we should be playing the team that got us from League one to the Prem'...
  19. Costa blade

    MATCH DAY THREAD : Southampton v The Mighty Blades

    And next up.....Man' United, dreading it they will rip us apart