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    Michael Appleton

    Has testicular cancer.A friend of mine lost his life to that some years ago, hope they've caught it early. All the best Michael
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    Roy Hodgson

    Stepping down from the Palace job. I'll miss him. A true gent, always gave a balanced view. A few other managers could learn from that. Boyhood Palace fan too
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    Gerald Sithole

    Given a pro contact and on the bench yesterday. Good luck to the lad but what an unfortunate name
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    5.30 pm KO Sat

    Due to another event at 3 pm
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    Glen Roeder

    Has died aged 65. RIP
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    Mellow out for the season

    And Jackson may be out for a month. We are having terrible luck with injuries
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    Touchline ban tonight so at least the two cuddly Glaswegians won't have to put up with each other
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    Exceptionally good on Tuesday according to Raynor and put in some great crosses. What game was he watching? I thought he was very poor with a lot of over hit crosses. I'm not picking on him, he wasn't the only one, but exceptionally good? Interesting comment about Willock too - nothing wrong...
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    Bradley Dack

    Reality TV show airing soon. Seriously?
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    Our start to the season

    Last season we didn't win for about 10 games though we played pretty well in some of them. This season we are amongst the early pace setters without playing particularly well having won 3 of 5. As others have said we have a well balanced squad which is beginning to gel in time for a tough run of...
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    1pm KO tomorrow

    In case anyone's forgotten
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    Returning players

    Dempsey Willock and Robertson may be available for next Saturday apparently though Dempsey may not be ready. Great news and hopefully means we can get a bit of passing going through midfield
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    Ifollow charge update

    I had an email from EFL yesterday asking for the code for the Hull game I was wrongly charged for. Anyone else heard anything?
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    Change to KO times

    Fleetwood and MKD changed to 1 pm and Portsmouth to 6.30
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    Macclesfield (n/g)

    Macclesfield Town wound up in high court today according to BBC. Southend hearing today. Fingers crossed for them but not hopeful. Sad news