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  1. The Poacher

    Swansea match thread

    Come on who's gonna do it, whose brave enough to get slagged off when it all goes pear-shaped, not me.
  2. The Poacher

    Forest v Derby Match thread

    After listening to CH interview pre Derby game 2 questions and his replies to those questions gave me a little insight to how his mind works. Question 1: Non scoring Grabban what is he going to do about it? Answer: All players in their careers have a dry spell, nothing goes right for them etc...
  3. The Poacher

    transfer day deadline

    Well the time has come for all the speculation and rumours to come to the end. What's its going to be? Who is leaving for good or going out on loan to get game time? Has EM closed his cheque book and informed CH that's your lot until January? So many questions and as yet no answers, perhaps we...
  4. The Poacher

    Work hard and win the game

    Since nobody has started a new thread with the game against Bristol City I will give it a go. The thread says it all really, perhaps today we can turn our season around and start winning a few games. A few on the forum suggest SL is a dead man walking, though my personal opinion is that he needs...
  5. The Poacher

    Forest v Millwall

    Since nobody has started a thread on this game I will. Due to a number of players out for various reasons my take on this game is a narrow win for the team, millwall are strong and very forceful, but being at home we could just nick it, slim margins I know. We can do this if SL puts out are...
  6. The Poacher

    Forest v Charlton match thread

    Predicted a forest win against Leeds, gonna go down the same route 3 v 1 to the reds. Still keeping it simple, another win. :bow:
  7. The Poacher

    Match day thread forest v Leeds.

    Simple really, forest to win.
  8. The Poacher

    Milosevic has left?

    Please discuss why?
  9. The Poacher

    Charlton game thread

    I am keeping it simple on this thread, going for charlton loss, scoreline immaterial as a win is a win. Not going to say that it will be walk over thought, 3 more points on the board will please me greatly.
  10. The Poacher

    Who is going to do the write up against les blues today?????

    Someone please.
  11. The Poacher

    Ben o

    With 3 journalists all saying the same thing is that benny will leave today for Sheffield, according to reports yesterday this transfer will be confirmed as a done deal. Figures of between 3 million and 3 1/2 million is not that much although I take into account that he has 1 year of contract...
  12. The Poacher

    New Manager & Management Team

    Just to kick this thread off what do we 100% know about this Management setup. New Manager = French. Managed = Rennes. Ex French player. Please fill in the blanks..............
  13. The Poacher


    Read this article on new now a couple of minutes ago and my 1st impressions are "What a load of shit". Where do they get off telling everyone that we are going to finish mid table? It's not as if it's scientificly proven to be 100% correct. It's based on predictions nothing more nothing less...
  14. The Poacher

    Birmingham City

    I know that it's nothing to do with us but brum has been placed in a transfer embargo. Pederson has just signed for them but EFL has informed Birmingham City that he has to return to his parent club as they (EFL) cannot accept his registration due to the embargo. As a nffc supporter I have...
  15. The Poacher

    Goalkeeper situation

    If Aston Villa is successful in signing pantillimon & kapino moves on am I correct in assuming that Smith is our only option? Of course AK might be looking at another keeper but still at moment we only have smithy?
  16. The Poacher

    Are Pboro having a laugh?

    6.5 million for one of their players!!! As reported by NEP. IMO not sure if this is a good bit of business as with other targets still wanted by AK this could potentially put us back in either umbongo or FFP.
  17. The Poacher

    Warburton job hunt

    Bradford evens favourite for warbo as manager. Good luck to him.
  18. The Poacher

    In & out

    Can anyone provide me with a definitive date when the transfer window actually opens. Ie:when we can let player's go & incoming player's arrive. Thanks.
  19. The Poacher

    I don't understand it

    Just had a message about a page 3 type of girl with POV in the text. I thought it meant points of view but what do I know, nothing apparently? Anyone else confused by these are acronyms? :67:
  20. The Poacher

    Famous 4

    So AK has told us that they can leave the club as per the Nottingham post. Can we afford to let them leave? Are they really over the hill? Please keep the antics of the few who like to bring personalities on this thread as it only demeans the poster thanks :17: