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  1. Canary Kevin

    Steipy Health definately comes first. All the very best for the future Marco
  2. Canary Kevin


    Anybody avoiding social media for four days from this afternoon??
  3. Canary Kevin

    Alex Neil

    I have just heard that Alex Neil has said 'No' to allowing our Deepdale match going back by one day because he stands more chance of winning if our players are tired or unavailable due to our international duties.
  4. Canary Kevin

    Kevin Phillips

    Kevin Phillips has got this spot on.
  5. Canary Kevin

    No. 10

    There are four main contenders for the number 10 position. Providing they are all fit who do you think DF should go with.
  6. Canary Kevin

    Top 26

    DF has said that BG and JM had outgrown NCFC. Isn't it about time that our ambition was NOT to be Top 26 but try to be at least Top 10.
  7. Canary Kevin


    Please try and put the following line into your browser Naomi, my daughter and My granddaughter Alice are raising money for The Nook in Norwich. A hospice that looks after my grandson Rupert. A life long Norwich City fan who I first took to Carrow Road when he was...
  8. Canary Kevin

    Stop the Rot

    If we lose the next 3 games Derby, Rotherham, Birmingham. Will the board consider changing the coach instead of waiting until it is too late. How many losses out of the next ten games would everyone accept?
  9. Canary Kevin

    STAY or GO

    choose all, one, none, several or a few. I kept 12
  10. Canary Kevin

    Sean Raggett

    Strange that he says nobody at NCFC has spoken to him since before lockdown and now he is out of contract.
  11. Canary Kevin

    End of the Season

    If we cannot get matches played (and we should not without supporters) then there is only one fair way to end the season. The Premier league should be extended to 22 teams. The top two as it stands ie each division are promoted without any going down. The top team of each division should be...
  12. Canary Kevin

    Sell or stick

    It is obvious we are buying for the future (the championship) to help us come back up again after we have sold our considered talent to make even more money. We are a business after all and the majority shareholders we have will never be able to compete on the cheap. The painful truth is that...
  13. Canary Kevin

    Daniel Farke

    I have a lot of time for DF and think that the futile comments of some to get rid of him are pointless. He is definately doing as good a job (probably better than most) as any replacement. He gets the very best out of what is at his disposal, so how would a different coach make things better...
  14. Canary Kevin

    At least it wasn't the Malaysian leader.
  15. Canary Kevin

    The Webberlution Continues

    More Great news. SW signs for an additional 3 years. Onward and Upward.
  16. Canary Kevin

    Crowd funder.

    Ben and ACN and all of the volunteers who have made our ground look spectacular with flags and banners should be applauded for their massive efforts. They now want to expand this trend to make Carrow Road a place to remember. Even small donations are used very effectively. Please follow the link...
  17. Canary Kevin

    Read Norwich

    So, this is how we are seen now. A quote from Read Norwich. "Izzy Brown of Chelsea, a talented player who has lost his way and suffered with injuries. Sounds like a Norwich City player. "
  18. Canary Kevin

    Adam Idah

    At least, we now know where our next penalty taker is coming from. We'll done Adam against China today
  19. Canary Kevin

    Hearing Aids

    My disabled grandson, Rupert (Hunters Syndrome) had to choose his hearing aids from the audiology department. There were only the top 25 teams to choose from if he wanted them to be football related. (scum were not on there anyway). He pointed to the greatest team of all and now wears them proudly.
  20. Canary Kevin


    This style of football which DF uses (and so does Klopp) will serve us well in the premiership as long as we hold on to the players who can do it and only get others that can as well.