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  1. Layton_Seasider

    Momentum Swing; Glorious Day

    Whitey, I hope the tar is on the boil? :grins: Scabs, collaborators, quislings and mushrooms time to take refuge in your nearest Oystain Estate Agents. We are getting our club back!
  2. Layton_Seasider

    Full Unequivocal Apology Re: JD

    I missed the first one having planned, booked and paid for a very special holiday some 12 months prior to going. I'm sure we've all missed games due to normal life sometimes getting in the way? Of course the timescale needed to book this was before the fixtures were released or Judgement Day was...
  3. Layton_Seasider

    Lap of (dis)Honour, Worse than the Old PNE one

    Ha ha ha! #NAPM
  4. Layton_Seasider

    2,000 Home Fans?

    3,602 official (bullshit figure) crowd and nearly 1,000 Orient fans. Well done to all you #NAPM's :clap: Police estimating more than 6,000 on the JD3 March. Well done all. :clap:
  5. Layton_Seasider

    Aaron lennon, Best Wishes

    As we all know now by now he's been detained under the Mental Health Act. Wishing him all the very best, still too much ignorance and shame attached to mental health.
  6. Layton_Seasider

    Well done AFC Fylde

    Brilliantly run club by a passionate Seasider who Oystain has mocked. Promoted to the Conference just one division below Oystain Football Company. 6 years ago they were 7 divisions apart!!! Fleetwood, run by another passionate Seasider were 6 divisions lower and could be 2 divisions higher...
  7. Layton_Seasider

    3775 - Scabs with no Mates!

    Bring a friend, the club is knocking on the door of the play-offs and the no doubt massively over inflated crowd is akin to a local team in the Conference North!!! :rofl: Well done all you #NAPMs and #NAGMs Stay strong you loyal, honourable people. To the scabs and mushrooms. :loser...
  8. Layton_Seasider

    Letter from my Mp

    I got a letter back from my MP regarding the issue of football governance and more specifically in reference to Leyton Orient's parlous position. Seems they were saved for the time being but are still in great danger of going out of existence due in no small part to the issues around...
  9. Layton_Seasider

    Mushroom Bring a Friend Freebie

    I very much doubt the special type that still support the Oystains have any friends! :loser: Desperation measures by the Ministry of Misinformation will no doubt announce a 15,000 crowd! Stay firm all you decent, proper fans. :clap:
  10. Layton_Seasider

    Pathetic Crowd Again, ha ha ha!

    I believe Accy fans were saying: "Blackpool, who are they?" :rofl:
  11. Layton_Seasider

    One Win Could be Enough

    For AFC Fylde! Promoted by Monday. Danny Rowe with his record 45th goal for the season. :clap: Fleetwood could also be assured a play off space too. Oystain Football Company, how not to run a club.
  12. Layton_Seasider

    Vote for Player of Month

    Cullen currently on 4% just 41% behind the Pompey player. Vote anyone but Oystain FC folks here: :tophat:
  13. Layton_Seasider

    March Thread - AFCB v Oswestry

    Approximately 200 here (more than the mushrooms at Oystain Towers???) 1-0 down at ht, looked 2nd best. Great to be sat with fellow Seasiders in a nice atmosphere.
  14. Layton_Seasider

    A Rare Day Supporting the Lads in Tangerine for Me

    Beautiful day, 18C and sunny, and only £6 admission. Come on AFC Blackpool.
  15. Layton_Seasider

    Who are Oystain FC Playing?

  16. Layton_Seasider

    Vile Family's Petulant Move After Court Defeat

    They've booted Uncle Val off the board! :rofl: "The club issued the following statement: "Blackpool Football Club has today (Wednesday), following a board meeting, suspended director Valeri Belokon and removed him from any associated duties with immediate effect. "The club, in receipt of a...
  17. Layton_Seasider


    Woohoo! :rofl:
  18. Layton_Seasider

    We are all Seasiders

    Except for the mushrooms, they are Oystainites! :loser: :fu: :aaaay:
  19. Layton_Seasider


    Get your bucket out Premier1 :tophat: Valerie Belokon wins all claims ONGOING COSTS AROUND £500k ish PLUS £425k to be paid within 28 days. More to follow. Sell up f*ck off!!!
  20. Layton_Seasider

    Official Merchandise - Great Present

    For the Mushroom in your life! :rofl: