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  1. paz1967

    Olympics 20 something

    Not actually sure these should be going ahead, I understand the blahh blahh athletes might only get one chance in a career, but much of that is about the olympic 'experience' and this I think has the potential to be anything but an olympic experience if beeps start going off every ten mins and...
  2. paz1967

    Up to us

    Clearly the time for debating team selections and tactics is over. 10 games to go with 6 at home. The chance is obvious. Sure, we aint all that and weve been particularly poor at home at times and the final pass, cross n shot is often worse than my imaginary , now 7 year old daughter, could...
  3. paz1967

    Im dismayed again

    Yeahh i know, Im always moaning about our commercial activity and sponsors but an online pharmacy? Really? I half work in the health/wellbeing sector tho strictly on the organic side where hopefully people find us because they are also organically minded? Or have I got it very wrong and people...
  4. paz1967

    Player Scores versus Rotherham

    pants 3 ozzie 3 ben 3 wag 3 janko 5 watson 1 colback 3 cash 3 lolley 2 murphy 1 grabban 5 Manager 0
  5. paz1967

    Derby are said to be on the market for just £1

    That's all :)
  6. paz1967

    "we can enhance players ability"

    Just wanted to make more of this post than a skipped over in a thread. Ive said this foreverrrr. Thats what a manager is about, its imperative requirement and we have had none of that in recent times. Now I have more hope than I had at xmas :)
  7. paz1967

    Our lost generation

    At the start of last season we had the following homegrown talent that many of us saw as the promising generation of kindred spirits that come around once in a blue moon. We thought that adding 2 or 3 experienced, at the top of their game stellar signings and we could go places. All improving...
  8. paz1967

    New song for the boss?

    Not sure we wanna steal Boros LA Bamba song for the boss so can anyone come up with summat good? I DID FIND THIS:
  9. paz1967

    Not another fkn gambling company

    So we did a deal with Betright (never fkn heard of them) but I figured many people were a bot sick of all these bookies. Cant we get some organic companies offering a real service to sponsor is or is that beyond our capabilities or anyone upstairs actually cares?
  10. paz1967

    Kids news

    Nottingham Forest have fought off competition from Borussia Dortmund and Monaco for the signature of Keith Asare, according to HITC . One of the lads who has been with us a while now. Just signed his first pro contract with us. Clearly another talent we have coming through. you reds!
  11. paz1967

    EX Red Dyche

    Not that enamoured at pushing Barton links but a nice podcast with Sean Dyche on there with some interesting forest bits :14: "work hard play through the thirds win"
  12. paz1967

    Starting line up and subs; it got competetive!

    Okay just 4 phun; the next team could be something like ....................... pants ...............lica woz toby colback .......Cash bridcutt watson oz lollipop ben ? subs oh dear guys look how competitive it is now manc DejaVu smith murphy tomlin vellios vaughan geddy mckay...
  13. paz1967

    Some Spanish insight

    Karanka piece that maybe some havent seen
  14. paz1967

    next uk number 1?
  15. paz1967

    Forest Flag Joy

    Music n Football, perhaps the 2 things I really miss about England and of the things that brings them together momentarily every year is Glastonbury and my annual party here at the farm watching it on screens and me searching for the Forest flag in the crowd. This year I was struggling to find...
  16. paz1967

    Meet Fawaz

    <p>The latest addition to my 'farm' Fawaz, our pigmy buck.</p><p>&nbsp;He adds to the range of Legends names in our ark, including Stuart the dog, Earnshaw the duck and ol big ed the rooster :)</p><p><img src="" alt="Fawaz"...