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  1. Hastings

    Match Thread Imps v Mighty

    Team: Maxwell, Turton, Gretarsson, Ballard, Garbutt, Dougall, Ward, Kaikai, Embleton, Simms, Yates Subs: Moore, Gabriel, Husband, Ekpiteta, Thorniley, Robson, Holmes
  2. Hastings

    Good Friday build up

  3. Hastings

    Summer Transfer Thread 2021

    Nottingham Forest are one of three teams interested in Blackpool hotshot Jerry Yates, according to Football Insider. Yates, 24, has bagged 14 goals in 33 League One appearances for Blackpool this season, and now Football Insider claim that Nottingham Forest alongside Blackburn Rovers and Bristol...
  4. Hastings

    Burton Match thread

  5. Hastings

    What's the latest on Joe Nuttall?

    Came back in about Oct/Nov for an op?
  6. Hastings

    New Scratchers
  7. Hastings


    I know I have been calling out for a goal scorer but the contribution from the whole team is terrible. We need more from midfield and defence. Mind you for the centre halves to score from corners the quality of delivery needs to massively improve. Who is going to add to their goal tally?
  8. Hastings

    What Android?

    Yes that time for me to replace my phone. No I don't want an iPhone I have a work one of those and don't like it. I have a Pixel 3 currently which is good and as a pure Android is not congested with bloatware which put me off Samsung a few years back. Any suggestions? Thoughts?
  9. Hastings

    January window

    Do folks. What do we need to keep this run going and push on to promotion? The Gooner to me is a definite for the rest of the season, and a fox up front
  10. Hastings

    To divorce or not to divorse

    So yes Husband. Last season he made some good appearances and dune woeful ones. This season very little good and my heart is always in my mouth as to when he will be sent off. A couple of times today I thought here we go, he's lost the ball and the inevitable is coming. To his credit or didn't...
  11. Hastings

    Seasiders 25/1???

    Sunderland 13/2 Portsmouth 8/1 Charlton 9/1 Peterborough 9/1 Oxford 10/1 Ipswich 11/1 Hull 12/1 Bristol Rovers 14/1 Fleetwood 16/1 Wigan 20/1 Lincoln 22/1 Blackpool 25/1 Gillingham 25/1
  12. Hastings

    David Dunn

    Any idea who is replacement is? Thought they may have replaced him by now
  13. Hastings

    ITV4 Pool v Chelsea NOW

    Walsh, Spence, Wood et al
  14. Hastings

    Football Bets

    So I had £20 on the Mighty this season to go up. Are bets void and refundable?
  15. Hastings

    Is this the start of a long term plan for the East?

    Blackpool FC given green light to demolish homes at back of Bloomfield Road It is believed that the homes had been attracting 'anti-social behaviour' SHARE BY ANDREW GENTRY The buildings on Henry Street earmarked for demolition Two properties in Blackpool are to be demolished after the council...
  16. Hastings

    On behalf of Bear

    [Blackpool owner Simon Sadler: 'I think clubs will go like dominoes' David Conn The boyhood fan reflects on football’s financial chasm, voting to end the season – and banishing memories of the Oyston era (Full interview in post below)...
  17. Hastings


    So like many I stopped shaving for me 2/3 weeks ago. It is now soft but do I keep it. Pros: She hates it I don't have to bother shaving Cons: Doesn't feel clean - am I doing something wrong, I just use soap and water I dribble like a 95 year old off the moustache when I drink - again what am...
  18. Hastings

    Player of the year

    I think the season is over so who you going for? I can't believe I'm saying this after last season but I'm going for Feeney. The crosses for Gnando were a massive contribution to his goal tally
  19. Hastings

    The worst player for us...

    .... Who went on to be a success?
  20. Hastings

    Who do you want to keep.

    11 players no need to cover positions and not the golden kids in midfield as they won't be here next season