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    New Academy Facility

    Seen on Wigan Today that plans have gone in to the Council for extended facilities at the Soccer dome for the Academy setup!Great to see the new owners putting funds into the future!!
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    Just seen Mr Nixon saying the club has new investors coming on board with Dr Choi, could be a crucial moment for our future! He says announcement soon!
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    Kay Burley

    Had time this morning to watch Sky News as it was live from Wigan. Kay Burley presented from the rugby training gym and proceeded to whitewash the Latics off the map 19times she said its a rugby town, 4 times she said the football team is not wanted The rugby are doing so well she said they own...
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    Uncanny that after we won on Sunday there were 8 comments in the hour after the final whistle, tonight there have been 48 comments in the hour after the final whistle. Wonder why this could be?
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    New Directors

    Looking on companies house it seems the owners have appointed two new chinese Directors,Ms Wing Lam Yeung and Mr Chi Wai Lee! Wonder if this will lead to a change of directon?
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    season ticket fiasco!

    Got a card at my parents house this morning(as i live away i use that for my Latics tickets),From the post office saying a package is at the sorting office in Wigan and requested £2 to get it!My Father went and after paying the money was given my season ticket that had not been franked at the...
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    Leeds Away

    Leeds ticket price is £39! What a joke!!
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    Ipswich free tickets

    All Home and Away Under 18 supporters will be allowed free tickets for this game,Great initative!!
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    After the window it is back to football tomorrow,try as i might i do not have a clue about team selection tomorrow,but i think he will bring Walton back in and Banginime for Morsy but after that i really cannot guess!
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    Sam Morsy

    Good message of intent on this Christmas Morning by IEC in announcing his new contract until 2021.!
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    I think the boards favourite gossip may have gone a bit silly with his story in the sun this morning that we are debating signing Jermaine Defoe! he probably earns 10 times what our current players get!
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    Season cards

    Must say I am very impressed with the speed of delivery for next year with my card arriving here in Portugal today before this season has actually finished! Well done Latics and see it confirms the new Puma kit will have the green stripe in it!!
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    city game

    confirmed monday night kick off and £15 tickets,great value