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    Spurs Away kit - sure sure....

    Well here is our new away kit...thoughts? I don't think I am a fan...! I can't figure out how to post a damn pic of it from my work computer....hope the link works

    The Great Unveiling (21/22 Predictor Leagues)

    My friends...and 80! (hahaha!) The time has finally arrived. I know many of you have had to endure many sleepless nights waiting for this magic moment. To be honest I wanted to keep you waiting longer to prolong your pain...Walt said "No!"... Before I detail the 2 leagues, let me first say...

    What we need most!

    Yes it is rare...but I have decided to create a thread. My question to all of you...what is the single most needed thing we need to get this ship moving in the right direction? What we have seen our team devolve into is a team with no other recourse but to bypass the midfield because we cannot...

    Happy Thanksgiving to my Spurs family!

    From my family to my Spurs glorious bastards!!! Wish you all a safe and Happy Thanksgiving!!!

    Happy Holidays!!!

    To all my Spurs friends on this forum...I wish you all and your families a Happy Holiday season. Be safe on your journeys...and of course...COYS!!!!! Quick heads up - I am departing for my deployment a few days after the New Year, and I am unsure of the internet connection where I will be, so...

    Silverware has cometh!

    Guys we have won the ICC! LOL Well at least it is something.

    FA Cup - United Next

    So looks like our already pretty tough run in for league play will now include United and most likely Chavs for FA Cup. If we are going to win this damn thing we are going to have to earn in now!! I say go big or go home, strongest line up from here on out. We need to win the FA cup and...

    Does Striker Deserve Final Chance To Prove Himself At Spurs?

    Like the long list of those before him...I don't think he honestly got a fair shot to prove himself...BUT then again I don't honestly believe he fits our system that well anyway.


    Supposedly he wants out of West Ham...go figure with Moyes at the helm...and well it is West Ham. Could he be the answer to our revolving door of back up strikers for Kane? I honestly think he could revive his career at Spurs. He is a different type of striker than Kane, so we can change...