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    New Kit for Peterborough

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    Grimsby sack Jolley!
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    Appleton Live on 5Live

    Appleton main studio guest on 5 Live Sport tonight... just started. Currently on Sports election coverage on main 5 Live.
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    Football Finances

    Great sounding programme currently on Radio 5 Live about Finances in lower league football. Initial focus was on Bury but is on until 9pm and looking at all aspects of running clubs in the lower leagues. Probably best on a podcast or catch up. Maybe someone better than me might put a link up...
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    Strange goings on at Charlton...

    Strange goings on at The Valley. Signed ex-Imp Macauley Bonne this morning........ have seemingly got rid of manager Lee Bowyer this afternoon.
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    Zebra Finance Seems Zebra Finance have pulled out of all football markets - not sure how this will affect Imps supporters who have used this to finance next season's in the early purchase window???
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    Another club with big losses Swindon Chairman admits to putting circa £6million in in last couple of years and a big loss reported in latest accounts. League 2 is starting to look like a very expensive hobby.......
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    JV (oh dear) Sad really - but shows what the perils of temptation can do. Just a shame it is going to provide poor publicity at a time when things are going so well.
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    "Sometimes they can maul you to death"......

    Port Vale captain Tom Pope previews tomorrow's (rugby) game vs The Imps:
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    Crewe Fans Complain!
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    Callum Howe

    Rumour in West Midlands that Callum Howe could be heading out to Port Vale.......