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    Pitch invader in a Gills shirt?

    Oh. My mistake, it was Marshall. If that's the level he plays at from now on, then he shouldn't be let anywhere near the second xi never mind the first team. No control whatsoever, and no idea on the ball ( well the few seconds he managed to hold on to it). I give him a 3, But only because he...
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    Garmston off?

    Apparently put on the transfer list. Such a shame considering Leeds were after him at one stage. Would of fitted in well with our new system I would have thought.
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    Gale force winds

    Predicted at Priestfield for saturday. Won't do much for the football, but hopefully we'll be keeping it on the ground to lessen the impact. Then there's the small chance of the game being called off, as has happened to games before due to the danger of tiles blown from roofs and such. And don't...
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    At least we have one keeper

    Joe Walsh a youth international keeper has just signed a 3 year deal after coming through the youth ranks. Probably too young for the first team although I can find nothing about him. Not even his age. Looks very young. Obviously...
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    Enough is enough

    Time to take the pens away from Eaves. 3 misses this season i believe, and one where the keeper saved it and Eaves just managed to score the rebound. Give it to Reilly or O'neil as Eaves must have the worst conversion rate for pens than any other Gills player I know. He never looks convincing...
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    Josh Parker really is a lazy so and so.

    While watching Lists goal against Burton on ifollow I could see why List was forced to go it alone. When List received the ball on the left Parker was level with him in the middle. As List sprinted away Parker just trotted forward with no attempt to keep up with play. If you can't be bothered to...
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    Regan Charles-Cook

    Was dropped from the squad today. Don't agree with that. I like the way he runs at the opposition, and brings Hanlon into the game more. Better with him in the team in my opinion.
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    Tomas Holy

    I really liked Tomas Holy last season, but now I just can't see anything good about him. At fault for all 3 goals last night. Hardly ever comes for the ball in the air or on the ground. If he does, he hesitates for too long and ends up messing it up and getting stuck in no mans land. Looks very...
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    Jamie o'Hara

    On 10,000 a week at Billericay. And I bet Koncheski isn't far behind. Obviously their construction magnate owner has more money than sense. Also just been fined for punching a...
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    I'll believe it when I see it. If Lovell gets him playing like that, he truly will deserve the managers job. :69:
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    Almost toxic

    Some twats on the left side of the Rainham end started to sing Scally out not too long after the game had started. I told the idiots to fu@k off, and luckily it didn't catch on. Just thinking how different it may have been if they had managed to drag the tone down . Still we got right behind...
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    Low gate this Saturday

    Looking at the stadium seat plan on the online ticket page it seems that Saturdays crowd is going to be rather meagre. Have the Gills faithful given up the ghost after only 3 games gone? Usually the Southend game has a decent crowd, and a really good atmosphere, so either the website has a...
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    Jamie O'Hara

    Decides that he's not fit enough to play for Gills, so terminates his contract as he feels bad about taking a wage. Suddenly he is on CBB earning mega bucks. Looks like he just had a better offer on the table to me especially since as soon as he exits the CBB house he now decides he is fit...
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    Prediction league

    Why is it that I can never put Gills down for a defeat even when our form is awful? Is this typical of a Gills fan? Are we eternal optimists? Even against a top team away who's in top form I go for a draw. Perhaps I must try and force myself to predict a loss so I can get up the league a bit...
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    Somebody make me feel better

    about going to Gills upcoming home game against Walsall. Is there any reason to be optimistic? As I'm struggling to summon up my usually unwavering enthusiasm. Now where are my anti depressants? :21:
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    If Nelson had collected that cross into his midriff instead of trying to punch it, which most keepers would do 9 times out of 10. And a free kick was given for a very high foot which nearly connected with a players face for the second goal. We would have won one nil. Just bad luck? :69:
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    Jonathan Kodjia

    According to the Telegraph Hull have made a 14 million pound bid for the 26 year old Bristol city striker. He has only had 2 good seasons. 15 goals in 28 games at Angers in France two seasons ago, and 19 goals in 45 for Bristol last season. Even with today's inflated prices he can't be worth...
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    JED identified as one of the best emerging managers.

    According to Alan Curbishley on Gills connect. So when's he going to emerge? Before this season I would have agreed, but now i'm not so sure. Sometimes his tactics seem almost non existent or totally wrong, especially when he has to react to the other team during a game. He could well end up a...
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    By all moving to the Vital forum ( even though I like it here). We have succeeded in giving DOX exactly what he set out to do. If he or someone else tries the same trick again, then are we all going to move Forums again? Perhaps he owns this site, and it was all a plan to populate his website. I...
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    Gills player and PS4

    Anyone know if the Gills player works on PS4? I know it says on the help page that it is incompatable with games consoles, but sometimes folk find a work around. :23: