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    Coming Apart At The Seams ...

    I don't think I said I only watch them when they're worth watching, but then again, you do need to counter anything someone says in response to you, In terms of better things to do, my 2 year old grandchild has more joy in him in 5 minutes than this season has had so far. You can do your bit...
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    Coming Apart At The Seams ...

    hilarius, i do watch some, frankly got better things to do most of the time. if they were worth watching id be more enthusiastic but i dont see the sense in watching knowing it will rile me and then come on here and moan all the time.
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    Coming Apart At The Seams ... perfect
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    the crowds wont change Mac the wimmen of newcastle cant wait for their men to get out of the house and fuck off for at least 3 hours every week 52k there, relagtion or not
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    The Rafa Benitez Thread

    I thinks there's more who'd happily turn up whether it's Bruce, kinnear, pardew or allerdyce, nevermind Benitez And he'd laugh at them all
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    How Many Points

    we should concede to ManU now and save the travel costs and uneccessary injuries
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    Death threats

    THe only reason Bruce mentioned this is for sympathy, and to deflect the conversation away from his atrocious tenure
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    Graham Carr Leaves NUFC................... Or Not. (Edited)

    He identified Aubameyang a decade ago
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    Aston Villa v Newcastle

    Pardews gone Mac, and proven himself to be shite elsewhere Focus on the now, i agree the one constant is Ashley but he doesn't put the cones out, agree the dietary needs of the players, develop the talent, agree tactics and formations. He's delegated that to Bruce and he's failing
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    Arsenal 18/01/21

    Bruce was talking about getting Longstaffe further up the pitch then plays him alongside Shelvey so no defensive cover.
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    If you were Shearer....

    Their wives will send them on their way, top ironed, £20 in their pocket just for some peace and quiet
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    If you were Shearer....

    Every season we go down this conversation And it doesn't matter what we think should be done if he goes another patsy will come in rinse and repeat
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    Happier days the full article
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    Happier days

    He was a joy': when Tino Asprilla lit up Newcastle 25 years ago When I think of him, I can’t help but smile,” says Warren Barton. Tino Asprilla arrived at Newcastle United from Parma in 1996 and his introduction to life on Tyneside is almost as iconic as his time on the pitch. Through a raging...
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    Blatant premier league corruption

    Ashley must be pinning his hopes on the takeover, this squads value is diminishing every game. Relegation will cost him big
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    The Neverending NUFC Takeover Thread.

    Newcastle’s managing director has raised hopes, admittedly slender, that the club’s collapsed sale to a Saudi-led consortium could be resurrected. “Never say never,” said Lee Charnley as he broke his silence on the £300m takeover saga involving Saudi’s Public Investment Fund (PIF), Reuben...
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    The Neverending NUFC Takeover Thread.

    The PL have a history of dithering before making decisions. I don't see this as anything more If anyone wants to get their season ticket on it, I'll match it's cost
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    Things To Do Whilst The 'Virus' Controls Us

    it just shows what people will believe especially toon fans lets be honest we have been suckered for years
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    NUFC v Bournemouth

    We've won 2 games against a v deflated west ham and a poor travelling Bournemouth. Bruce has employed the same tactics as Benitez, a solid defence with defensive midfielders in front of them and counter attack strike force The difference is a little more freedom to attack, nothing more
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    Important and Anti Ashley !!

    Tories have eroded the planning rules now most things are passed