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  1. StrangelyBrown

    Adebayo-Smith to Reading?

    Not sure if the report is true but looks like he played for Reading U23 tonight and has moved to the Royals.
  2. StrangelyBrown

    Tayo Edun Interview Thursday 13th- What Have We Become?!!

    I have just watched the Tayo Edun interview from Thursday and am pretty stunned. This is a young player, on a 2 and 1/2 year deal, who has been here 5 weeks talking about how he is having to learn to deal with the negativity from the home fans at SB and how the more experienced players are...
  3. StrangelyBrown

    Meanwhile Posh are spending £1/2 million on a NL 21 year old!

    Blimey I hope this is the new Messi after they blew £1M on EIsa in pre season!
  4. StrangelyBrown

    League 1 Week 15 Away Attendances

    Summary of the few who travelled yesterday- half the games cancelled due to Internationals and, with the princely number of 453, Imps were the highest!
  5. StrangelyBrown

    League 1 Week 13 Away Attendances

    Summary of the wet wanders from yesterday- some big turn outs yesterday with Ipswich taking the weekly award for their trip to the seaside. Fleetwood continue their trend in not being able to count particularly well. Poor turnout from Coventry for a trip to Peterborough after a 6k turn out to...
  6. StrangelyBrown

    League 1 Week 13 Midweek Away Attendances

    Summary from last night- must have been a good night for TV as the turn out was the lowest this season. There were some long runs in the mix as well. Shout out to Tranmere fans - over 850 to Sunderland is exceptional, as is over 750 Imps to Pompey. Still 2 short of a full house for the...
  7. StrangelyBrown

    League 1 Week 12 Away Attendances

    Summary of last Saturday's wanderers. Clearly Coventry's away day in Stadium MK was always going to take the weekly award but, alongside Coventry, Rochdale also has their biggest away day so far this season at Bolton. Posh continue to underachieve in the away end despite their league status...
  8. StrangelyBrown

    League 1 Week 11 Away Attendances

    Summary of the truncated fixture list from yesterday- International duties, a Sunday TV game and the regular Bury game absence meant only 7 games played yesterday. Imps took weekly winners award- shout out to Rotherham with a decent turnout at the seaside. Donny to Oxford seems poor (maybe 146...
  9. StrangelyBrown

    League 1 Week 10 Away Attendances

    Summary of the happy hoardes (or not so happy) of followers today- Coventry take weekly winner award. Both Coventry and Burton had their highest away end so far this season.
  10. StrangelyBrown

    League 1 Season to Date Summary Away Attendances

    Summary of the first two months away ends as the dust settles. Less travellers in September but also one less away day than August August Total Away 63,828 September 43,449 Total 107,277 7 games missing data so far this season Average Season to...
  11. StrangelyBrown

    League 1 Week 9 Away Attendances

    Round up of the adventurers from this weekend. Imps taking the weekly award for a cracking Friday night turnout at the seaside- Tranmere and Bolton has a decent turn out today but overall some lower than L1 average numbers today.
  12. StrangelyBrown

    Issues at Blackpool Game

    Interesting and cryptic comments from Alan this morning? Anyone have any idea what this might refer to? ".....before, during and after the game....."?
  13. StrangelyBrown

    League 1 Week 8 Away Attedances

    Summary of the large and small bands of nomads traversing this green and pleasant land today. Some really big numbers today as the "big boys" were all away except Coventry. Sunderland take the weekly with an excellent turn out at Bolton. Thought Posh might take a few more than 1767 on the...
  14. StrangelyBrown

    League 1 Week 8 (Midweek) Away Attendances

    Summary of the late night revellers yesterday- every club was able to count last night which helps! Really good mid week turnout from Ipswich on a 200 mile round trip to MK. There were some low attendances last night as well as lower away ends and makes me wonder, now Cowleys have gone, if we...
  15. StrangelyBrown

    League 1 Week 7 Away Attendances

    Summary from last weekend's travellers. Slightly lower than I expected from Brizzle (considering their home gates) but as usual good numbers from Sunderland and Coventry- Bolton fans take the prize for following their reserve team again.
  16. StrangelyBrown

    Mark Tracy at HTFC Youth Game tonight with Cowleys

    I assumed there will be some staff follow Cowleys to HTFC but there are also EFL regulations on how that happens. Tracy I am assuming will be also leaving shortly then to join the Cowleys.
  17. StrangelyBrown

    League 1 Week 6 Away Attendances

    Shorter away summary this week due to internationals and postponed games. Rotherham were always going to be a shoe-in for the weekly with their game at Doncaster- good turnout from Blackpool- I am assuming the AFC Wimbledon number was restricted by police advice as 560 for this match seems a...
  18. StrangelyBrown

    League 1 August Summary Away Attendances

    As last season, an update will follow the month end. As many have commented, difference between L1 and L2 size of clubs is clear for everyone to see and this is reflected in the away attendances. A total of 63,188 fans followed their club during August (with 4 games currently unaccounted for)...
  19. StrangelyBrown

    League 1 Week 5 Away Attendances

    Summary of those who decided an away day somewhere (anywhere) was better than a final weekend with the kids during summer holidays. Sunderland clearly the weekly winner with a decent number to Peterborough- Pompey deserve some plaudits for a great number to Blackpool as well.
  20. StrangelyBrown

    L1 Week 4 Weekend Away Attendances

    Summary of the wanderers from yesterday around the land. Imps took the weekly again but no many "local" derbies left this season now. Seemed a poor turnout from Ipswich at Bolton (unless ticket sales were late as they were when Bolton were at home to Coventry). A few relatively local games...