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    Bogey Teams

    We have played AFC 14 times and only won 3 times, we have drawn 4 and lost 7. let's hope the get relegated so we don't have to play them for a while.
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    Why n/g

    Why are school pupils now known as students? Why are problems now called issues? Why is London Town now called a city?
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    Controlling Convid 19?

    The president Alexander Lukashenko stated that the best way to combat Caronavirus is with vodka and saunas. their number of in population of 9.5 million the have had 4,779 infections and only 47deaths.and football is still being played, is Belarus the place to be?:yes:
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    Season Tickets

    Who would accept a loss on this season's tickets to help the club, if there was no increase on next season's price, and with some extra offers such as reduced of free League Cup and FA cup tickets for the early rounds? As refunds would only increase the clubs problems.
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    Out of the frying pan into the fire?

    I am pleased Bolton appear to have been saved, but the new owner is Laurence Bassini, former bankrupt owner of Watford.
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    Who next?

    Knowing our luck AFC Wimbledon away.
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    Steve Lovell's comments

    This morning on RK (I don't have a link) SL said that the pitch was not good enough, he didn't blame the ground staff, but he was very critical of the pitch and said it was retaining water. In other words the drainage system is knackered. How long is it since was last sorted 5 or 6 years ago...
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    Sunday could be interesting

    Don't expect any sides involved in play off positions taking it easy on Sunday. Fleetwood are just two points behind Bolton, and have only a two point lead over Scunthorpe who are playing Coventry, Southend are pushing Millwall for the play offs, they are playing Bury. This could get...